Unconquered Char lost by a Bug


Hi all, Hi Funcom.

I hope you read this.

First of all excuse my bad english, it´s not my Mothertongue.

Today i lost my Level 69 unconquered DT by a Bug.
I was leveling in Thunderriver, doing some Quest´s in the pictish Area. Kill Shamans and other NPC´s.
I attack a pictish Bowman 2 level below me…it was a very fast Fight. He hits me with a one Shot.
I take 9632 Damage. I had no Chance with a Lifepool about 7342.

What is Funcom doing with his Game?

Are not they able to fix dangerous, old bugs? It’s very frustrating to lose his character through such a s.hit. Is there now a chance that the unconquered mode is restored? At least I do not see it, I should start again and again with bugs and lags in the game.


I do not think it was a bug. I think you ran into Lunn and his bodyguards. They are bowmen and epic mobs.


It was definitely not lunn.

I know Lunn, I dodged him and he went to another camp, he was not even around me, it was a normal archer of the Picts. Fleshripper Bowman.

Definitely NOT Lunn.


LoL! I lose my two unconquered characetrs bacause of disconnection alredy!))


I’m not talking about a normal disconnect, but about a one shot mechanic, a normal NPC / opponent.
Do you feel it normal for an opponent to kill you 2 levels below you with one attack?
With damage values ​​that should not exist on a normal NPC?
Sadly Funcom is not even able to offer any comments or assistance.


Could be the same bug, which causes oneshots by rangers on raidbosses.
Can you by chance remember if damagelog said: “archer heals you for ■■■ damage” or if it was “archer hits you for ■■■ piercing/slashing damage”


Yes, I have already thought of the bug.

But what will Funcom do?


They will do nothing.
It is just bad luck.