Unconquered character progression stooped by server crash

They wouldn’t have helped you even if they replied. I can’t think of a game that has one of these “hardcore” modes that will restore a character that died in any situation, even if it happened cause of a bug, crash etc.

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In the old days there was a GMs and tech people who could fix this things , read combat logs , restore items and ban people with proof of cheating thru the logs , and yes they will help me , it happened may times before with lots of people . But those people are log gone …I came back bringing 2 of my friends after 6 years playing ESO , and didn’t expect that in game help in last 6 years completely changed . Enjoy game is free to play …do not ask help from GM , players will happily jump in and help you with any problems , just ask in global …

it`s fun to hear that ESO cares about players, their main PvP location been a lag fast worse than AoC sieges for past 3 years lol

I agree with Guiltyfeet . Post your Trauma of loosing your Unconquered character , perhaps we learn something … and I hope ( No ) and ( alt+ F4 works ) if you get in swap screen situation .

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Understandable, but Unconquered mode didn’t exist in the “old days,” and (as far as anyone knows) there isn’t an option to restore unconquered status after death.


The origin of Unconquered Mode involved implementing a mechanic to detect deaths. Unfortunately, the simplicity that allowed AoC an update at all is the problem affecting your character; being created in Unconquered Mode and scanned for death.

For example, the Original Unconquered Leaderboard became obsolete after level 80 - when death shouldn’t count - because dying still removed the 80 character’s names. The Leaderboard scanned those characters created in unconquered mode (regardless of level) and updated accordingly; death or no death. After some complaints, the Leaderboard was removed and later repurposed for Onslaught.

As you progress on your Unconquered character, you’ll be rewarded with new vanity armor sets, weapons, and badges to show off. The only catch: If your Unconquered character dies, that’s it.
… Minigame or in the Pitmaster’s Arena… the only exceptions

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Happened to me yesterday. Got blown out to the deck top.
Got back in, dead.
Sold my stuff, rerolled, start all over again.