Unconquered items claimable only once?

It’s nice that the items from unconquered characters are claimable but why only once? Why can’t they be claimable forever on any character like achievements or other unlocked items in claims?
If I delete one it’s gone forever and I need to level up a new character just for one single item.

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Will we get a second claim on a second unconquered character ?

Yes, should be a permanent claim. AoC is good, but not perfect with your inventory management. Sometimes inventory icons are not assigned correctly and you end up selling or throwing out your most valuable possesion, like your first loincloth, etc. :see_no_evil:

I was able to claim all rewards on every character on my account. It’s one time claim though

so 1 time per character.

I agree that they should make these items reclaimable. I can’t see any reason not too - and it’s obviously easily doable as most account-wide claimable items are infinitely reclaimable.

It is very easy to fill up both bag and bank space in this game and even though you can buy more via the store, it is rather expensive.

I have the locker of absolution on all characters and have bought bank expansions to give most of my eighteen toons 2 or 3 pages of bank space and even created my own personal guild just for the additional shared guild bank space - and even with all of that I still run into space management issues. I have many times deleted reclaimable claim items just to recover some needed space. That would NOT be an option if those items weren’t reclaimable.

While I have spent a rather large amount of money over the years purchasing things from the store even though the prices are pretty steep I haven’t minded doing so because I was able to afford it and want to help support this awesome game.

However, not everyone can plunk down the extra money just to not loose items they can never get again if they delete them for space.

Since this is a reward for managing to pull off something kind of ridiculous and heavily luck dependent due to server lag / disconnects / bizarre mob aggro & swarming / severe fall damage (you can die just glitching during a ladder climb or disco while near a drop) / and even the occasional superhuman trash mob who can mysteriously evade ten hits in a row while they also manage to land everything on your toon… It just seems like this should be reclaimable.

I’m hoping it was just an oversight. This will also affect my desire to take part in any more crazy “challenges” that might be coming in the future.


The way it worked for me (and may have been a factor that Unconquered rewards account-wide were not yet fully implemented, when i reached 80), I got a set of social unconquered weapons, and a 2nd boxed set of the same social weapons on the Unconquered character, but only 1 box of weapons on other characters on same account (1 time claim).