Unconscious enemies disappearing into ground @ Mounds

Hey all, first actual topic after much lurking. I just had a quick question and was hoping anyone else could confirm this isn’t just me - somehow I doubt I’m the only one who has experienced this, but I thought I’d ask, anyway.

I’m just now really properly spending time in the Mounds of the Dead, scavenging gear and raiding Cimmerian camps for Thralls. I’m noticing more bugs than I’ve ever seen lower south: textures disappearing before popping back in, for one, and my Thrall constantly catching on geography and just refusing to move and help me at often the worst possible times (during combat,) but more bothersome is how frequently people simply drop into the earth and completely vanish when they get knocked unconscious. Saw my first Cimmerian Berserker and got excited; he disappeared into the sweet, sweet embrace of the planet and never reappeared. With my own eyes I’ve seen the same thing happen with I think three other unconscious enemies, at least? Very, very strange.

I’m coming at this with laughs because, generally speaking, unless a bug is legitimately game-breaking I tend to just snicker at it, but this is becoming a tiny bit wearisome at this level of frequency. This has all been happening within the last hour, maybe two. Is this a known bug and is there a fix slated for 2.4? I see from the “similar topics” suggestions that a lot of people are bringing up unconscious enemies disappearing while being actively dragged, but not simply slipping into the ground and, presumably, dying beneath the map.


I haven’t checked the mounds but, my Diana Steelshaper (T4 Armorer) also sunk into the ground after a knock out. Lucky for me, her foot was sticking out and I was somehow able to get the binds to work.

I was finally able to get a T4 cook since she “fell just right” the third time, I won’t be searching for anymore due to the math.

Spawn rate + disappearing after knockout = :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’m not sure if it happens more in the mounds area than others, but it is a common issue in that area for sure. If you knock them out and they disappear, just run a pretty good distance away (sometimes you need to run a few hundred yards) and come back and they will be there! If they still haven’t appeared, you may need to run even further! Within a few minutes they will wake back up, but if you run a good distance and come back within 5 minutes, they will be there :slight_smile:


Logging out and back in also works, if you can afford the risk.


I have noticed that happen sometimes, I’ll try relying on it more aggressively and see if I can avoid losing any more named Thralls. Thanks!

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I get this all the time on the outskirts of Sepermeru (I generally leave the citizens of Set City alone, because they don’t agro on me, but those slavers and their tier 4 armourer just to the North…)
Give someone a little bop with the Lovetap and they get driven into the ground like the Red Mother had just stomped on them.

As others mentioned before, a quick jog out of the area and then back usually leaves them racked out and ready for the wheel.

This happens to me all over Siptah. They just sink into the ground and are gone. It happens with ko or killed thralls. You can run out of render range and come back to find them most the time but it is super incovenient.


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