Unconscious NPCs moving around

Not sure if this has already been reported … I knocked out several NPCs in New Asagarth and the Den, and they are sliding around on the ground. Their bodies are frozen in the knocked out position. From what i can see, they are following both me and my thrall, acting as if they are ‘attacking’ me. I should be able to take a recording of it if needed.

Playing on Testlive US3 and this was after the Followers II Rev.1 patch.

I tested this both in single player and on a server. If you knock them unconscious then go far enough away that they need to reload when you come back it happens


Lol, trippy.

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I can only report what happened to me Shadoza. I am in no way saying what you found didn’t happen.

I wonder if it is a side effect of trying to remedy unconscious npcs disappearing/dropping into ground?

Hello, we’re already aware of this issue and it will be addressed in a future patch, thank you for bringing it up in any case.


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