Unconscious Thralls not maintaining proper position relative to the ground

Game mode Online private and Single-player
Mods None
Type of issue Bug
Server type PvE
Region North America
Version 196231/23625

We’ve all seen unconscious thralls begin to seep into the surface of the ground. A subtle misalignment is tolerable, but what about the cases when they sink out of reach or are completely unreachable?

This topic is primarily about how unconscious thralls seep below the surface of the game while being dragged home. They also appear to seep further down each time you release and rebind them. There are multiple states for unconscious thralls. If you vacate the are where they are first knocked out, they re-render on their back, and will behave differently than a loose and tumbling body. I believe both of these screenshots deal with the form after revisiting where they were knocked out.

I’ve seen them disappear below the surface both head and toes.

Possibly a separate issue, I’ve seen the bodies disappear from the world entirely without becoming conscious. To encounter this, drag a body away from where it was first unconscious, then leave it resting on the ground and move a considerable distance away, such as to harvest materials for gruel. When returning, there’s a greater chance that the body disappeared, even if you had just knocked it once more with a Truncheon to drop it’s Consciousness back down to 0. When I’ve lost potential thralls in this manner, I’ve noticed other unconscious thralls might still be out, so location and thrall movement is very important. Don’t release them if you don’t want to lose them.

Sometimes they just lose visibility, but that is a separate topic.

We just want our thralls to remain in the world and unconscious until either their timer expires, or we do something with them. We want to see them wake up, vs disappear. We understand hitting them with the truncheon will lower their consciousness, so let us drop them by our base just as they were persistent before we tethered them.

When dragging we want their bounding box to remain around the ground level, even if half of their height is above the ground, knowing that we can re-bind them vs them seeping below the ground is not too much to ask.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Knock out a thrall or multiple
  • Leave the immediate vicinity
  • Return to the area
  • Check that they are on their back, apparently re-rendered
  • Drag thralls back to your wheel
  • Optionally release and rebind - It’s best to keep them in your field of view, or second-best remain in the area to not lose them to despawn or invisibility.
  • Check their height relative to the ground each time

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