Undead Serpment Boss

Undead Serpentmen boss in Unnamed City sometimes doesn’t attack.

Hello @Trappist01x, could you please elaborate on whether this behaviour occurs as you engage, mid-fight, while fighting ranged or melee and so on?

Are you using pets or thralls? For how long does the boss stay without attacking?

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Sometime me and a Thrall will attack and it just stands there while we rattle his bones. It usually stands there for the duration of the fight until he’s dead.

And does this happen in single player, online mode or both?

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I only play single player.

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Single player, co-op or multiplayer on a server, It doesn’t matter. The giant snake can fall through the floor in the Unnamed City if you fight inside the temple, and the same thing happens if you fight the one inside the Arena. This has been a problem since forever ago.


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