Undeleting character, response time

I played since day 1 and after many years of a break I logged back in today. Getting rid of alt chars I accidentally deleted my old main char aswell (yes until now I could not imagine how this can happen accidentally…).
Of course I opened a ticket immediately and I read about the long response time.
I mean I can wait, but if there is still these 30days where the character is completely gone, something needs to be done before.
Does anyone know about current response times or have a tip for me.
Thank you very much.
sad noises

[Funcom Support #1142019]

I just now got an answer (coincidence?)!
So instead of deleting my post, it might be helpful for others, so I leave it.

So the response time was 4 hours in my case :wink:
See you ingame.


Issue was resolved.