Under mesh bases. Cheater players

Hi dear, please help us

we need support against bad players

you should get to the gap in the picture on top of the temple and put a sleeping bag through it. Then you must kill yourself and be reborn in the sleeping bag, inside it is possible to build a basethis is an absurd trick and we can not achieve anything inside the enemy base. How to destroy bases underneath the game?

Use Jhebbal sag, but yes, this undermesh issue is discouraging, I have more than 10 friends that stopped playing because of that.

we did several tests and it did not work with jebbal, if the funcom does not respond I will hold Sony in Brazil and I will take the case to the courts. If it still does not work, I will begin to denigrate the company’s image. I have time and money for it.




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they have the ability to fix, just place the green under the map, so if you undermesh you die, they just won’t assign the time or resources to create this fix

Again, rarely a problem on private servers.

yes but then on private servers the admins abuse their privileges…so its between a rock and a hard place

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I have difficulty understanding what you explained MOM, could use other words please. My english is very bad
Very Very thks

I have heard of this “abuse,” never encountered it on any private server I have played on. Usually, in my experience, it is malcontents that disagree with the rules of the server and, rather than moving on, choose to ignore them and then complain/protest when caught and disciplined or even banned.


the green that kills you, they just need to run this all the way UNDER the map, so when they undermesh the green kills them

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Lucky you, not the usual experience for playing on a private server as a guest


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