Under mesh raided PS4

Just got undermesh raided on Official 3563 and lost everything. I know the player and his PS4 I’d if needed. Everything got bombed and taken with zero damage to anything in the outside of the base.

I know this sucks, but exploiting has been a large part of the PVP game now. I could tell you where not to build to avoid these sort of exploits, but you as the end user shouldn’t have to do that. My advice is either quit official servers, play on privates or simply just quit the game. There’s no shame in any of those choices.

Don’t tell a consumer to quit the game they Purchased, that’s not a viable option

It is when you’re answering as part of the community with no control over fixing the problem and full awareness that the consumer will likely not see a fix anytime soon. As players we can only offer workarounds to these types of problems, not solutions.

Single player is also a viable option.

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