Underage player base - revisited

End of story, no one is forcing you to play on certain servers.

Fair enough. I can see this isn’t something people want to hear or consider.

It’s probable I’m just overreacting. Hopefully, it ends with me and there aren’t any issues in the future.

I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here.

I stand by my statement for that topic and the others who echoed the same sentiment.
You’re welcomed to your opinion otherwise.


Maybe because video games and pixel boobies don’t cause lung cancer or inhibit brain development in those who are experiencing or have yet to experience puberty?

Also, I think you’re going a little off track here. The core issue in this thread isn’t the possibility that little Timmy might see a CGI willy and somehow that will make him go ask his mommy to drive him to a gay strip club. The issue is that little Timmy is a spoiled little poop head that thinks being “mature” means being as vulgar as possible while doing everything he can to ruin everyone else’s experience.

The moral argument is just being used as an excuse to try and kick the rotten fruit that is little Timmy off the servers even though that still leaves plenty of adult “13 year olds” who are just as bad.


To my knowledge, there is absolutely no rule for Official servers that prohibits minors from playing on Official Servers. Moreover there is a Supreme Court Case decision that prohibits Federal, State, and Local governments from making any legislation in the United States that prohibits the sale of video games to minors.

Any prohibition to the sale of a rated game to a minor in the US is done through retailer policy and retailer policy only. Funcom has absolutely no responsibility to the ESRB in the United States as it is a private organization.

So with that said, any owner of the game, regardless of their age has every right as anyone else to play on the Official Servers.

The only way, the absolutely only way you are going to face charges in the United States in regards to playing with minors in Conan Exiles or any other game is if you harass, coerce, or otherwise engage in illegal behavior. All of which are bannable offenses on Official Servers.

To put it shortly, don’t be a sick |----| around the kids and you won’t go to jail. Seriously, you have to be doing something that is extremely wrong, immoral, unethical, negligent and illegal to get hemmed up by the law. This doesn’t happen by accident.

And if you don’t wish to play the game with certain age groups, then manage your own server. Because as stated before, anyone who has purchased the game, or had it purchased as a gift, has access to the Official Servers as anyone else. Age has absolutely no bearing on this. And it never has.


Nice ad hominem. Sets the tone for the rest of the post, so that it’s not a huge surprise to discover your understanding of laws is on par with Jack Thompson, while your ethics are on par with Jack T. Chick.

Says the person who just compared toxic substances that directly affect biological development to a videogame. Yeah, this ought to be priceless.

Define unsupervised, define children, define online game. As long as you leave it open like that, your position is patently ridiculous. A sentence that takes both a 7-year old playing Conan Exiles and a 16-year old playing Rocket League, and treats them the same, is utterly devoid of nuance or, indeed, any semblance of critical thinking.

What data? You seem to have missed a word there. The word you’re looking for is “personal”. The term “personal data” is a very important legal concept. As long as the game does not gather any personal data, everything is fine from the legal point of view.

That’s a very interesting assumption. I would dearly love to see some hard data supporting it, but I don’t expect you to provide any. So far, you’ve been pretty fine just tossing out whatever came to your mind.

Speaking of which, it is exceedingly intriguing to see your point of view. You seem to believe that you live in the society where parents fail on such a massive scale, that underage credit card fraud is commonplace enough to cause a a plague of unsupervised children, yet you place the blame on videogame developers and publishers.

As evidenced by your post, impressionable minds are a lot harder to influence by videogames than by whatever cultural programming replaced your critical thinking with rigid beliefs and conspiracy theories. At least, that’s the only way to make the sense of the following quote:

War crimes being put back on the table because of videogames. To paraphrase a person I deeply admire, I am not able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a claim.

Don’t worry, the rest of your post isn’t any better.

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The United States doesn’t currently have a good record on proportional, sensible, or rational enforcement of sex offender laws on the books. They have jailed victims of sexual abuse for merely having the evidence of their abuse, they have jailed people pissing in a park at midnight as sex offenders, and they have set up endless sting operations to create crimes that never would have occurred if certain rogue Law Enforcement hadn’t solicited the crime in the first place.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government let Jeffery Epstein go free despite being an international sex trafficker and then when the evidence of his wrong doing went public, the man was murdered in his jail cell awaiting trial to cover up the crimes of countless people in power across the globe. There are many examples of child abuse from elites in the USA that go unanswered. Elected Officials realize this and put an extra effort to round up scapegoats for the silent wrath that is building, hoping they can convince the public they are tough on predators.

While I doubt Conan Exiles can or would be used to create crimes, it’s not that much of a stretch when you consider that Discord and even a Pokemon dedicated Wikipedia Forum HAVE been used in such a manner. Conan Exiles is a mature themed game, but that doesn’t mean the users will always be mature. The very minimum you can do to prevent shady behavior is put a little effort into drawing a distinct line for the community to observe. The Community of this game and FunCom are not guilty of anything, I think it’s pretty safe to say. These rules aren’t about punishing people for what they have done or gotten away with. It’s about keeping this game alive in a world that’s going to have big legal battles and a large amount of disruptive politics begin to infringe on all creative businesses very soon.

It’s a big obnoxious world out there and it would be nice to be able to login to Conan Exiles and just lose yourself in High Fantasy without having to wonder if the game will come under fire or become compromised because of misdirected outrage. A proactive and distinctly moral stance in the face of future insanity isn’t going to hurt the community, it will strengthen it. FunCom HAS faced off against a lot of controversy in the past and stood firm. There is nothing wrong with preparing to hold that ground for a long as possible.

Video Games and ■■■■■■■■■■■, by the way, HAVE been showing to alter brain chemistry and development of children. I’m not talking about it triggering psychotic violence or leading to substance abuse either. Video Games and Sexual Material can be abused to the point where people develop addictions. It may not be common, but children have the most impressionable minds and are the most vulnerable group. There a video games that pair down the risks for children and take this into account. Conan Exiles shouldn’t need to be one.

However, my biggest issue isn’t with children having access to video games or ■■■■■■■■■■■. That REALLY IS up to the parents to decide. My issue is that games that allow people to chat online AND allow for underage audiences need much stricter policies and moderation than games that simply have an official, if loosely enforced, policy about what age range the game is intended for. When you are talking to someone anonymously, you don’t know who you are talking to… flat out. You might get a sense with some people, but you can’t really know for certain they aren’t pretending. While not all adults will fully appreciate this, very few minors are going to understand the number of risks involved with chatting to strangers online. Fortunately for Minors, there are plenty of games that are geared towards serving that age group and have many policies in place to deal with people who have criminal motives. Conan Exiles hasn’t done any of that and it would take a huge amount of investment to rise to that level in terms of moderation. It’s cheaper to simply have a few clear policies and tactics to discourage abuse.

Fundamentally, I think making a clear line about the games intended age range is going to preserve and grow the community in the most beneficial way. If they somehow fall into using Twitch to try to lure children into a poorly secured open communication platform with mature themes and then it blows up in their face because you can’t trust the motives of hundreds of thousands of anonymous strangers… well… gosh! It could have been prevented. It would be nice if Twitch was going to stick to it’s recently discovered guns on staying as it was founded, a Game Streaming Platform… but it hardly has that reputation right now. While Twitch streaming is good press for Conan Exiles, it may also create other problems if they don’t address them soon. It’s really a matter of human nature and the internet… it’s like gravity, really.

The economics and “politics” of this aren’t going to win anyone over. I realize that now.

FunCom doesn’t have to do anything it doesn’t want to, and it’s not legally required to do anything either… I can agree with most of you on that. I simply don’t think that things are panning out the way people are insisting they are when someone asks distinctions be made.

There really ARE many more games that are made for the mass market or for younger audiences. The Market may be bigger there, but I don’t see how it’s not also much more saturated than a market for older gamers.

While Older Gamers can certainly be just as much of a social disruption as younger gamers, there is a pretty big difference on how people are going to respond to incidents involving each group. Right or wrong, the world does see a difference, even if Corporations and the player base don’t wish to.

Conan Exiles should be an escape from politics, and I hate talking about that stuff… yet it exists and it takes intentional planning to protect a thing from something so pernicious as political opinions. Not just the expression of them in what should be out of context… but also the way political opinions have a way of changing laws in unpredictable ways. Maybe we just have to let the dice fall where they may on this. There is no way to draw a protective line anymore.

You lose the reader when you begin constructing a Potemkin Village as early as your second paragraph. @CodeMage is very demonstrably not closed-minded.

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@community the politics in this thread alone are reason to lock it down, the rest is kind of. . . disgusting, to say the least.


This whole thing is irrelevant to the discussion. Here’s the facts:

  1. In the United States, minors (under 18) have LEGAL access to purchase Conan Exiles.
  2. Funcom has not and probably will not deny any LEGAL purchaser of Conan Exiles access to Official Servers.
  3. Official Servers have and have since their opening had minors playing on them, and will likely will into the future for their duration.

Your opinion of US law is irrelevant to those facts. Funcom’s opinion of US law is irrelevant. My opinion or anyone else’s opinion is likewise irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is minors play on officials. Minors have always been on officials. And likely will continue to be on those servers. They have either purchased the game or had the game purchased for them. Just like anyone else who happens to be older. And like anyone else they have the right to be able to play on those servers for any reason any other would.


Hmm, I wonder how this thread is goi-


I’ve been exposed to computers since I was 7 years old and, with them, to videogames of that age (think ZX Spectrum, or look it up if you don’t know what it is). Apparently, that has altered my brain in weird ways, because here I am, making another attempt to reason with you, instead of doing literally anything else.

I can only hope that someone from the @Community might take pity and put this thread out of its misery.

I’ll skip the whole bit about Jeffrey Epstein, because it has absolutely nothing to do with Conan Exiles, unless you’re trying to insinuate an international conspiracy that somehow involves Funcom with child abuse rings.

Instead, let’s start with this:

Any form of communication can be used that way. Shall we ban minors from participating in the society altogether? Isn’t there anything anyone can do? Such as, for example, the parents?

I would like to take this opportunity to direct you to a document you genuinely might not be acquainted with, called Official Server Terms of Conduct. Its existence is too often overlooked by players.

You’re insisting on bringing politics into this. Okay, in for a penny, in for a pound. I happen to share the prediction that disruptive politics will begin to infringe on creative businesses, just as they have polluted other aspects of our society. Just look at the insane politicization of COVID-19. Like it or not, what little enlightenment we’ve enjoyed for a few decades is slowly being stamped out by tub-thumping politicians and ignorant masses rallying behind their banners because their rigid, unquestioned beliefs are being pandered to.

What you’re proposing is that we get ahead of the mob and grab our own pitchforks and torches while we can. Non, merci!

So, quite naturally, instead of doing your part in preventing the misdirection of outrage, you opt to come here and demand that we give into it preemptively.

And again, just like with “gathering data”, you’re missing – or ommiting — important key words: “in excess”. Excessive use of videogames has been showed to impact development. The distinction is important.

Hey, you know what else can be abused to that point? Sugar. Quite literally. And yet, somehow, the whole society seems to be fine with not prohibiting sugar below certain ages and merely informing and guiding parents, so they can make good choices.

I am curious, did you read what I wrote? For reasons I will address further down, I will assume you didn’t, because the alternative would be to assume that you couldn’t comprehend the point I was making.

If I had to wade through your tracts on “corruption of minors” and read them carefully to extract nuggets of meaning that can be discussed, at least extend me the same courtesy.

And this here is why I said you didn’t read what I wrote, because you wrote two full paragraphs of ad hominems and FUD, before you sat down and made the exact same point I was making in the text you replied to. Yes, thank you so much for pointing out that Rocket League and Conan Exiles are not the same. That is precisely why I objected to your statement that “unsupervised children are a plague to any online game”.

So let’s skip ahead through more icky ultra-conservative stuff that I wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole and get to the next point of discussion:

Exactly! Loot boxes, as a form of monetization, are predatory and exploitative. They should be banned in games that minors are allowed to play.

Now, explain what aspect of Conan Exiles you find predatory and exploitative, and how minors are more susceptible to that. Note that I used the conjunction “and”, which means that I’m asking you to explain both.

Ah yes, let’s offer a smugly superior insinuation that the relationship between those two is obvious to anyone who understands how causation works. As far as arguments go, it’s on par with replying to someone who pointed out a fallacy in your argument with “do your own research”. Can you really do no better than that?

I doubt that. For all your pretensions of moral and intellectual superiority, your arguments are as hollow as theirs. There is no “here” here, no substance, just empty rhetoric. The difference between your faux intellectualism and their ignorance is superficial.

I will lose much more than my hobbies if people like that end up with power to dictate the future of our society. You are right that I enjoy Conan Exiles, but for all the love I have for it, in the grand scheme of things it is insignificant when compared the growing tide of anti-intellectualism and beliefs-over-facts attitudes championed by people like you.

First, what does America have to do with any of this? Are you truly not aware that Funcom is a Norwegian company?

Second, why do we need America to be a beacon of freedom. America might have carried that torch for a period of time, but what makes you think that it must be the one to carry it forever? Freedom is one of the things worth fighting for, be it illuminated by a beacon or merely dreamed of by those who live in darkness.

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Wow, “Coming to America”! Talk about a trip down the memory lane. I loved that movie :slight_smile:

But maybe I loved it because I saw it as a young, impressionable teenager. I wonder how much it corrupted me, in what unspeakable ways it altered my brain chemistry :crazy_face:


Unlikely, based on the AMA with Dennis, your best option will be a private server.

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What is interesting is the game is already Unrated on Steam. Probably because of the mods. Though more likely that Steam doesn’t require any sort of rating as its optional.


I didn’t notice that! I’m so used to seeing the ratings on other shops like Sony, MS, Nintendo, Epic*, EA, etc.

*Conan Exiles listed “Coming Soon” with a ModDevKit too.


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