Hey guys, when i tried to place my Dalinsia she dissapeared then i saw she got undermashed & i cant seem to figure out how to fix this and get her back can someone help me ?

There is an option in the follower page to rescue a thrall in case it has gotten stuck under the mesh. Doing this will cause all gear & inventory they have to disappear, but it’s better than never seeing her again.

Go to the followers tab of your inventory. Find the thrall in your list of followers. Click on it (might be right-click) to open a popup menu. One of the options in the popup should be to rescue your thrall. If I remember right, you have to be standing in an area that you have a land claim (be in your base) to use this feature. As long as she’ll alive, your Dalinsia should teleport to your location, slightly more naked than you left her.

I’ve only had to do this once, but I’m pretty sure I’ve described the process correctly here.

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As @bbtech said, that option will respawn her in front of you. First u can try to Relog, maybe it fixes by itself. Second option is to slightly move looking at the point she is under meshing and if u see her name move her to other location. If it doesn’t work use the above solution. She’ll lost all objects an equipment but she’s gonna be at your side again.
Good luck

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