Undermesh bases, cloud items, vault spam, wipe when it will be fixed?

Im tired of seeying big clans use all resources and exploits to keep alive on the game. They are spamming 30 vaults over their base (easy to craft, hard to break), undermeshing bases/vaults inside walls/floors or even putting items inside inactive players or fake accounts to secure their items on cloud.

When it will be fixed?

On my server, right now, there is at least 2 big clans doing that. I tried to raid them but they had 2 undermesh vaults. But they destroyed it before admins could ban, sending a prove video wasnt enought.

Another point is, what about wipes? Wipes keep the game alive!!! Just see games like Rust for example, servers always full.

I think before builind new DLCs, basic exploits and problems should be fixed.

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