Undermesh report

So, a couple of buddies of mine and me, joined a server and started battling off the alphas. All is fine. But they quickly realized they were no match. We figured they did one of two things; Popcorn or body vault. We weren’t worried about that, tbh. We have never cared for loot. Anyways! Later on, we found out that they were undermeshed and body vaulting their stuff.

Video shows us getting inside their base and using their claims to get inside the mesh where they had plenty of chests, all full, a body back there also full.

But originally we wouldn’t care, because like I said. They disappeared. But they have returned, and their first day back have been caught trying to do the same stuff again.

Now obviously, I wouldn’t say much about it. But they have been caught undermeshing before, so it is extremely suspicious. One of the worst things having to do is constantly run around with tools to look under the map for your enemy. It’s beyond taxing. And unfair.

Would love to see this stuff removed from our server.

Ps4 - PvP - 3892. Clan name is “True Legends” once was Bruteforce among other names. All the same tribe now.


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