Undermeshers on PvP official server 3560

Need some help. I got undermeshers on official server 3560. I’m on top of the red mtns in B10, just to the right of the path with the white tiger. Someone undermeshed a shrine into the mountain, claiming all the land. I know who did it because of some sandstone foundations I found in the spot I believe they did it at which belong to the abusers. Best I can do for proof is a few video clips. I apologize that the foundations are no longer present. I blew them up thinking the shrine was inside, but I can show where they are.

If anyone had any ideas as to how to get further proof to expose these idiots I’m all ears.
Players names are
They are in the clan Spartacus, server 3560.

Area on other side of the rock wall directly north of previous photos. This is where their foundations were covering.


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