Undermeshing Racist Chinese on #6151

Hello, we have had many issues on an official server #6151 with chinese players cheating and building under the map in multiple locations. And being very racially offensive. Many of us have reported it on steam and funcom forums but are getting nowhere fast, and a once very populated server is basically dead now due to these chinese cheaters. They have 2 undermesh base locations at F-12 and N-7. They are very racist as well, i attempted to upload a screenshot but it will not allow me, but they say things like this exact quote today “you are a lower country, a lower race” and “black and white people are garbage people, waiting for us to eliminate you in china”. They have broken every rule you have put out there and continue to play without any problems while we are all about to join the reset of the player base on this server who quit because of them.

Chinese players = cheating = undermesh.
(russians players the same).

Always the same messages every days on the forum.

I have already propose to region lock servers to prevent them to play on our US or EU servers.

It is the only way to solve this issue.

You can report such issues by sending Funcom a DIRECT PRIVATE MESSAGE following the instructions in here:

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please read the following Rules.

also be aware of

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