Understanding of Encounter Based Conqueror Specs

Trying to get into Conqueror Specs before i invest time on another tank and that means also Specializing on Encounter.
If any experienced Conquerors would like to add or change stuff and make any suggestions i would appreciate their advice.

Physical Tanking:
Iron Skin + Overcome the Odds + Impervious Defense

Magical Tanking:
Stone Skin + Blessed Conquest + At Death’s Door.

So what i am thinking is that Physical Invulnerability from Overcome the Odds + Armor Rating from Impervious Defense is useless in Magical Encounters while Blessed Conquest & At Death’s Door works everywhere and Sustained Rage + Volcanic Rage wont be much of a help for Aggro because their sensitivity to Magical Damage will cause the DTs to aggro them anyway.

If that’s the case and we also use the proper gear and slotable perks for the encounter why specing both into 1 spec? Is this Overkill that mandatory?

There are quite many fights ingame esp in high tier raiding where bosses do a mix of melee and magic. If you know you will fight targets that only deal magic you could make some specific specc for that, but those fights doesnt require you to tailor specifically into them unless you are low on gear.

you got it wrong. you want both bubbles on phys tanking build, and you will want “Colossus of War” and “Improved Dancing Steel” in every brute build for the agro it gives you. Also, “At Death’s Door” is useless compared to those abilities.

Then i have to either loose Furious Strikes Feat or Furious Inspiration Feat or Sustained Rage and have 2 of them.
I would prefer the first 2 instead of Sustained Rage since they add Crit/ Crit dmg/ Hit on finishers.

I guess Impervious Defense is not that much important either since if i get it maxed i loose Goad if i feat the forementioned abilities with 5 points and once geared enough you don’t really need Impervious Defense.
Which also means i loose Volcanic Rage and rely on Heroic Call 1 point which is fine.

Don’t know. I will try all 3 Spec options out an see for myself.

What i decided is a waste is the Devastate Feat. That one doesn’t offer much really.

Been using this in t5/6: https://cutt.ly/NlcXTId
If you’re not doing those you can swap crushing onslaught for burst of aggression, though even this is worth using only if you mold it with a combo or at the start of the fight.

As for feedback, ruthless assault is meh at best, devastate is horrible, legendary heroic call is horrible, 5 points in improved furious inspiration is overkill, not getting both overcome the odds and blessed conquest is a big mistake, at death’s door is horrible, not getting lumbering hulk is a mistake, improved throat slash + scourge is overrated, not getting power feint makes me think that your combo rotation is meh/bad, thinking sustained rage and volcanic rage won’t help with aggro is very wrong.


Furious Strikes and Goad are must-have. Furious Inspiration can be skipped or only partially feated with spare points. the points in Impervious Defence are bringing you more armor than the same points in Improved Defensive Stance unless your gear is terrible, so i would consider it a must-have if you need physical mitigation.

Also, I agree with Sinix’s feedback regarding most feats he mentioned.

For a protection build, use Sinix’s build, change points from Iron Skin to Stone Skin, eventually Impervious Defence to something else. Keep Overcome the Odds for the fights where the bosses have physical attacks too, that will let you heal from those attacks (last Chaos boss for example).

Neither of you are wrong. Don’t know if it’s bugged or something but Ruthless Assault - I expected it to trigger everytime. It rarely does though and with high crit where it will doesn’t seem to add much more.
Feint attack is certainly mandatory in your rotation. Keeping it up as much as possible.

But i don’t understand how Weapon dmg will help with aggro in magical sensitive bosses against DTs for example. I am of a mind to leave them to them. Aggro swapping with Guard will be ok. That i do know. But with DT in T3? Meh… I am not sure lol

As for Throat Slash abilities. I see many feating it. I will be honest: I don’t know how usefull it will be and in how many encounters. Maybe Arbanus if it works there yet i am not even sure.
Rotation wise i consider GodS mandatory - Feint Attack - HoFS. I also switch for Bloodbath and every attack should have the Torment of Feint Attack first to get the maximum out of it.

For weapon switching i can do it very fast using the tilde key since it’s over the tab key for target switching and i can switch without effort at all. So that one has been covered at least.

I’m surprised you’re not putting a point in BoA - you can cancel the animation during most of the combos pretty easily and it’s free hate at that point with no cast time.

You absolutely want both bubbles - not only are the bubbles strong, but the feats leading up to them are too. If you design a build that doesn’t take the bubbles then scrap it and restart since they are essential.

I’d begin your journey by dumping the HOFS +5% damage; HOFS is the lowest damage combo you have available to you and detracts from your DPS every time you use it. Your objective is to minimise its use.

The 5 points of Improved Furious Inpiration and the 4 points in the banner (Heroic Call / Legendary Heroic Call) are also ‘freebie’ points to reassign.

Are you serious? As a Conq, you want to boost weapon damage as much as you can. Always.

+1 to all of this

Ok after your feedbacks i understand what works how.
Improved Furious Inspiration and Angel of Fury are so so…

In general i will start with a different build while in T1 Gear because you don’t have the survivability anyway tweak it once in BD gear and change it more afterwards.

Burst of Aggresion - Volcanic Rage i will use them (Heroic call would be usefull as a group ability if fully feated but i suppose the group can try do more DPS by itself and the Guards usually have Ardent Battle Cry anyway) trying to empower combo finishers and that includes Weapon switching discipline & Throat Slash - Bloodbath - Breach if the Boss doesn’t have the debuff.
1st bubble Blessed Conquest and secondary overcome the Odds (Physical fights) and trying to get the maximum out of Disciplines/ Formations and Guard of Dancing Steel/ Retaliation.

I like how the Brute Spec is similar even in PvP with the exception of Guarded Frenzy feated instead. Though in Group PvP i think Heroic Call should be feated.

Don’t get me wrong but as long as you have the survivability and are able to keep aggro it seems a bit of an overkill to go for more DPS instead of providing more ‘‘Raid dmg output’’ buffing your Raid up and in PvE that means sacrificing Personal Weapon dmg for all out Group/ Raid dmg.
Combining it with the Conq rez you are another Tank that supports and holds the Group together with powerfull buffs from your Banners.
I think that’s the purpose of the Conqueror. Can’t say i am that interested into ‘‘Solo-Tanking’’

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