Underwater Elevator?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: North America

Not sure if this is just an issue with Siptah or if this is really a bug. On Siptah I tried building an elevator from the front of my base that was built on a small island. I had thought that the bottom of the elevator would stop at the water line but instead it went all the way to the sea bottom. At first I thought this was kinda cool except while the elevator would go underwater, once it reached the bottom, it would no longer go back up to the entrance (unable to interact with the elevator controls once underwater).

I could try building a platform for the bottom of the elevator but just curious if elevators are supposed to go underwater like that?


Hey @Octavian

This probably isn’t intended. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention (but sadly, not above sea level). We’ve just sent this to our team so we can give it a look.


Not a surprise to me, if water had stoped it i would have been surprised.

I mean, it’s not a hard surface, or you would be able to walk on water to.


Elevator placement drops all the way to the ground. Ground is under the water.
Not surprising.
But Funcom should probably change it to detect if ground>water and maybe refuse to place if there’s nothing above water for it to land on. (Thus requiring you to build a platform if you want it over water.)

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Thank you Ignasis
Honestly the idea of having the elevator go underwater is somewhat interesting (it was fun when I first rode it down). The problem though is that it will not go back up :slight_smile:

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I think the second solution would be more probable. :grinning:

I feel the bug here is the elevator controls being unresponsive underwater. Please don’t make it so that the elevator won’t place if there is water!

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Maybe we need an elevator with incorporated breathingmask. :rofl:

Conan Subnautica

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I’m with @Ascophyllum on this one. It makes sense that the elevator would go under the water even if it’s for no other reason than allowing elevators to be built that drop down into a shallow stream. I had a base in the Exiled Lands with an elevator that did exactly that and I really liked the way it looked and felt.

The unresponsive controls are a problem though. That part should be fixed.

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I have suggested changing the skulls eye color when the elevator actually starts moving, to demonstrate the pull of the chain was registered, and the elevator is actually moving, so we dont stand there for minutes waiting for an elevator that never started moving. If the eyes turned green, as an example, then you would know the elevator is moving.

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Excellent suggestion! I’ve spent a fair amount of time waiting for nothing haha

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