Underwater plants blinding glow

This graphical glitch happened I think a couple of patches ago?

Using Radeon RX580. Just recently got update to the driver (didn’t fix it).

Tinkered with graphics settings… No help.
Took a peek at settings hoping to find something that might help. Nothing there (game.ini, gameusersettings.ini, lightmass.ini).

I was wondering if any unreal guru know at least how to turn down that blinding glow!

I don’t know about turning it down - but it has been reported and they’re aware of the issue. (Something to do with an updated texture or something - the word ‘granite’ gets mentioned a lot…) So hopefully we should see a fix some point soon - I’ve only encountered it above ground so far, where it’s not so bad (just looks like a broken texture), kinda glad not to have faced the ultra-bright underground version yet.

Edit: link to longer thread on same - [Bug] Glowing goop glows LOUDLY

Granite is used for texture streaming (rendering) and compression (packaging). You can find more information on why Granite was used in this blog.

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I appreciate the clarification (even if I still don’t understand much beyond ‘it’s a thing that makes textures use less memory’ - I’m fairly sure my more tech-savvy friends think of me as a chimp that can type :wink: (it’s taken me 6 hours today to install a new m2 ssd, and they’re practically plug and play…))

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