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So back in November and December, when the testlive patch for version 2.2 came out, the whole community went up in arms over unannounced nerfs to weapons’ damage.

Here’s a thread in which I posted about it back then, specifically about the Dragonbone and Black Ice Weapons: Stop update 2.2

In a reply, Ignasis said “As mentioned in other topics, these are not intended issues that will be addressed in a Testlive hotfix.”

How in the world, then, did these changes make it into the live version??? For instance, the damage on the Dragonbone War Axe has dropped by 9 points. I have one with a spiked weapon fitting made before the patch by a tempersmith with 61 damage. I go to make a new one with the same smith, and now I only get 52 damage. These nerfs weren’t mentioned in the notes. What gives?



Additionally, the wiki still has black ice broadswords listed at 67 damage but they are 53 damage in game.

Telith’s weapons and venom infused weapons are also nerfed but unnanounced.

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The wiki is ran by volunteers, not by Funcom. If you want to inform a inconsistency with the wiki, it’s best done on the Unofficial Conan Exiles discord.


That is not, at all, the issue. The issue is when 2.2 was released on Testlive we reported massive numbers of undocumented nerfs. Ignasis reassured us over and over that these were unintentional and would be patched. They clearly haven’t. I’d like to know why.

My complaint isn’t about the wiki. I was just using the wiki as evidence that the unannounced change took place.


That was a huge surprize, yes. A bad one. I was wondering why those changes were not noted in patchnotes, it is unfair.

At least, why the previously crafted weapon remains the same strength? Now some people have advantage because of nothing. Servers are overhyped with “old” draginbone and Telith 2h swords now…

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Kingslayer weapons are also affected by undocumented nerfs.

@Ignasi, can you please check Dragonbone weapons changes?

We ask to go back to previous values.

Else, they can be removed from the game because it is faster to craft star metal weapons for the same values.

The wiki volunteers didn’t make the weapon changes, it was funcom, pretty self explanatory if you read the thread.

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EDIT: my bad, it did not.

Sword of Crom got nerfed.

Fo Real?!?!?

I hope than this was either unintended or a simple misunderstanding. If it proves to be an intended change I am going to become unpleasant. The Sword of Crom has already had a massive nerf reducing its original damage rating from 121 down to 91; that is 25% of it total damage rating gone in on fell swoop. It does not require further nerfs! arktara could you please tell us what its damage rating is as of now?


I just spawned one on a private dedicated server. 91/22 seems normal to me.

@arktara, where did you get that sword and please post a screenshot of the damage?



Sorry, I thought you were reporting two separate issues in the same thread. I misunderstood on that part. Anyhoo, I’m doing my part at looking at things on the matter and sending what I find to Funcom.

So we are looking at potentially Black Ice Weapons, Dragonbone, Telith, Kingslayer, and venom-infused as being nerfed/adjusted/changed. Is there any else that people have found that can be confirmed?


Well last I checked the black ice broad sword high damage was a bug and not intended thus I figured it was fixed unless they decided to leave it as is but got changed maybe but it was last know to as bugged

Also, the Thag weapons have gotten stealth nerfs in this patch.

it sounds to me that something that ties these weapons together in the data table got messed with and caused them to lose damage value… not sure how or what that could be but considering they are all swords that seem to have been hit there’s at least a clue there. i could be wrong on that but that’s just my thought

Apologies, my bad - should have done my due diligence, seems I’m falling into Funcom’s bad habits. With so much silent nerfing going on I was surprised that a new Sword of Crom with Master Weapon kit had less than 100 dmg, I was confused with Predatory Blade which tops 100 with Master Weapon kit.

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Yeah, I can’t believe they nerfed it to have less damage than the Pred blade then didn’t even announce that in the notes!

Because if they do not stealth nerf them, we Jump on their heads and refute the changes they want to make. For example The Nemidian.