Unfair building over the bridge of the betrayer


He is blocking off the entire walk way through so there is no through access to the black keep.we can’t go around cause the whole bridge with has been encompassed

Build a 2nd bridge :slight_smile:


Why should I have to waste time effort and resources building something that’s already in the game and put there ? Not have some person or clan hog something that has been put there for “everybody”

If I understand correctly, they are only blocking the bridge itself. If that is the indeed the case, then you can just go around it multiple ways. So, technically you aren’t being blocked at all. Unless they are walling off the entrance to the Black Keep, itself, then you can simply go around them. It may not be as convenient as you would wish, but they aren’t actually blocking anything.


Because you would show them that, in case they are trolling, their trolling is not going to work on you.

You can also ask them nicely to free a pathway so people can cross the bridge again.

Yes the bridge is blocked so technically I am bing blocked. No matter how you spin it it is a major blockage and is completely unfair. So it’s like exploiting loop holes in the games rules and your defending they actions. Considering it’s a vital through way and yes it has impeded the gaming experience alot. I just don’t understand why your trying to defend them what it is gratuitously unfair and I would consider it a breach of the games rules .

There is nothing on the bridge you need, there’s no resources there you can’t find elsewhere. There’s no bosses on the bridge. And if there’s a path to the Black Keep then they aren’t breaking any rules.

No one is defending anyone because there’s nothing to defend, except preventing a frivolous report that is going to waste someone’s time to investigate.


Considering that people can walk around the eastern side of the lake, walk around the western side of the lake, swim through the lake, come from the volcano obelisk or simply use the underwater entrance to black keep, building on bridge of the betrayer is totally fine with game rules as far as I know. As others pointed out, they are not blocking any bosses or ressources so their building doesn’t offend the game rules.

As pointed out, its not blocking anything. That being said, I know it is annoying and inconvenient. I would build walls on both sides of the bridge, then build a bridge alongside as close as possible. Some people think its “clever” to be annoying in CE, play the game their way.

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This is the incorrect process to report behavior. Please review the information below.

As an aside, no one on this forum can resolve your issue. However, if you attack them for their suggestions, you can be guaranteed to get fewer suggestions.


stop playing on official servers if you do not want to deal with trolling and posturing of people who get a kick out of being annoying. All survival games from Ark to Atlas Dark & Light etc have this same issue. Whenever its public domain you will always have people who get a kick out of skirting rules in the grey areas to annoy others. This may be a video game but it happens in life also, you can easily eliminate this by checking for recruiting private servers or battlemetrics for a server thats active.


Well you could maybe go up over top of the keep and climb down to door in. Not ever tried that but I know you can climb down to the other keep next to the Black keep from the top.

I’m usually on the side of not letting players abuse the building system and block roads or paths, but if they are only building on top of the bridge, technically they are not blocking any content, so in my opinion, is not unfair, unless you couldn’t get the bridge point of interest, but i don’t think it is blocking it, not until i see how they blocked it.
On the other hand, you could ask them to make a path to cross the bridge, sometimes it’s not the intention of the player to block a road, they just want their base to look cool.

Don’t build it then, and go swimming.
Or build it and enjoy permanent access that nobody can block.

But, if in any moment they happen to block complete access to any content, please report them as it was mentioned before.

That fix as much as saying to stop playing if you don’t want to deal with idiots in any game, but it’s sadly true, officials are a nest of trolls, cheaters and whatnot, but i’m yet to see an alive private server better than officials.

Wow sense of entitlement is strong in OP someone inconveniences you and makes you take a couple steps to the left or whatever instead of your chosen path and you complain since they are getting into the way of your game play.

You do not have a right to do that.

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yeah its not a fix and I think anyone with half a brain would want some better policing on every companies part for public servers. That’s not the hand we’re dealt though in any of these games. Its no difference when you go to the grocery store, a bar, or anywhere public. There is always a chance you run into some douche who holds everyone up in line or yells and screams at someone over something. This is a respect problem.

It’s not a sense of entitlement so get of your high horse. I was more talking in fairness that’s all but I forget in this day it’s all selfish actions. It would be a different story if the shoe was in the other foot, yes I was annoyed but that’s cause I respected where I was building making sure I wasn’t impeding anyone’s gaming experience. Just would of appreciated the same back.
But whatever by the way I have the right to say whatever I like not to be dictated to by some keyboard warrior.

Its all about your sense of entitlement which you are wrapping up with a fairness bow. I call it for what it is.

How fair is that a player gets dictated to on where to place by you? Are you paying for his game? Entitled much?

Just walk a few steps more end of issue.

You folks can’t possibly be serious.
While it would be a good idea for the OP to simply move to another server (or even a private server or run their own),
I find it difficult to believe how the act of someone building over a landmark on an official server can be so arrogantly dismissed.