Unfair creature farming method and addition of new servers

No one has ever said that. We all agree the mechanic needs to be fixed. But your statement that “cheesing” is an exploit is wrong no matter how you cut it, and the fact that your arrogance prevents you from simply admitting that is amusing to say the least.


Oh really?

If you can’t grasp that an intended mechanic can break the game, and thus is not an exploit while still requiring fixing, then there is no further purpose to this conversation. I have a hunch, however, that is not the case. You just don’t want to admit that you were wrong about “cheesing” :wink:

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That’s just incredible. “an intended mechanic can break the game, and thus is not an exploit”

It’s as if all logic has been sucked away into a black hole. You literally just told me that an exploit is not an exploit because it’s an exploit and therefore not an exploit.


Guess if I need an example of the futility of exploit threads in the future, I’ll know where to look.

Exploit. “You keep on a-using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


I’d have more of an issue with this if it wasn’t the only viable method of farming ??? Without taking a week to be able to do a top level summon. Currently the 3 skull bosses that drop the greater ??? Appear to be more myth than reality and the server spawns in endless mobs with no chance at harvesting the bodies that cause the lag.

Add an option to increase the swirling chaos value of unstable ??? So servers can decrease the maelstrom spawns to stop or decrease the lag.

There is no incentive to farm at the outer edges of the maelstrom and maybe get 60 unstable ??? When you can go to the broken centre of the map where infinite mobs spawn and you can farm 300+ unstable ??? Per group With less than 100 poison arrows. I’ll happily put up with 1000 ping for half an hour standing still if it means I don’t have to spend 4-5 hours killing slower waves of trash mobs

Problem is, the whole server has to put up with it.

It is unfortunate, but is still the only feasible way to farm it currently. To anyone outside the storm dealing with the ping I happily invite them to find their own rock to shoot poison arrows from while stationary for half an hour


objection your honour, defence doesnt’ speak for the conan community and is making general sweeping statements of said communities position :slight_smile:

TBH… cheesing is tolerated in degrees of use… me standing on a bit of raised mesh in the terrain to poke a 3skull mob boss …sure… cheese away and its technically an exploit but its one of those “its hurting nobody but your self” moments of behaviour.

Going to the middle with 10 people, dragging the server down to a 1 FPS or less crawl followed by 1024+ ping crashing… sorry… you abused the tolerance levels here is where we cross over into the territory of cheesing to outright technical exploit with full weight punishment to match.

I think thats all we are openly haggling here… to what degree do we all accept cheesing to exploititive destructive behaviours.

I’d even go so far as to say spamming blocks on spawns is also up there in the exploit category as well… but thats me… old fashioned and all.

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Well I may just be seeing the best in people here but I believe that these players including myself would probably go down and harvest the hundreds of corpses that are causing the lag.

That is of course if there wasn’t 2-3 enemies spawning ever few seconds that would stun lock and kill us. I will say the first time my tribe mate was trapped on a rock and didn’t kill anything there was no performance drop so I strongly believe that it is in fact the dead bodies causing the issue.

Unfortunately though the game does not allow us to do this and is still the only viable way to farm for summons. I still think that increasing the value of unstable ??? And decreasing max maelstrom spawns of default would solve this issue


Can somewhat confirm this.

While i was admin on a PVE/PVP server, we used to make these gigantic strongholds with more than a hundred mobs with increased stats. Added a respawn point on its entrance and let players have fun dying endlessly while also killing hordes of mobs. Since we had a lot of people online, it would always be doable and fun.

This would generate a shitton of corpses, and lag out the server. I would have to use /cleanup every minute to keep things going, while the sheer amount of mobs was not that problematic. Sure, the FPS was not the best, but playable.

Which makes all of this even more hilarious, since players would theoretically kill every mob, not climb on rocks (because thats big bad), and also clear corpses relatively fast while doing it. All of this because the mechanic is broken…lol.

DEVS need to look at 6401 official OCE. every malestrom during player peak times is being exploited by several clans knowing it full well breaks server performance. these guys using such exploits to break economy and stability NEED sanctions ASAP!!! this is breaking the game and killing player base/enjoyment.

Hey there,

If they’re explicitly saying this in chat, or if you can otherwise proof they are exploiting (not just cheesing the combat!) the high spawn rates etc. to negatively impact server and client performance or to crash servers or other player’s clients (not to directly to get a combat advantage!), then you can report them using the method mentioned in the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures. Otherwise, refer to my earlier comment.

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Simplist solution is to make them immune to poison… 90% of the farmlords out there would abandon the strategy and try something else… That and make them have an aggro timer that relies on being hit… no hit in N seconds results in them abandoning the aggro and returning to their animation scenarios…

And give mobs hard range atack whit knockbacks.

The simplest solution is to change the value of the unstable ??? And decrease the max amount of maelstrom spawns which is already a setting in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

You take away poison and I’ll find some other way to ruin your gameplay if it means I don’t have to spend hours at the edge getting tiny amounts worth of swirling chaos


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Since this conversation has derailed into exploit discussion and player accusations, we’ll proceed to close and unlist it.

To clarify: This is an exploit, it negatively impacts server performance to the point of a crash, which is not unknown to those using and abusing it. Players found using and abusing this exploit will be sanctioned, as they have been in the past. Our team is working on a solution to this exploit, but until then do not abuse this exploit in official servers.