Unfair creature farming method and addition of new servers

1- First of all, will a sanction be applied to people who farm unfairly because of the game gap?
2- Will new pvp servers be opened

What is farming unfairly?


Looks like Conan on PC has hackers.

When you said farming I thought you ment mining rocks/iron.

Are you seeing something that I am not? All I see is people standing on a rock where they can’t be reached and farming mobs with poison arrows. It is pretty cheesy but you don’t really have to be a hacker to do it.


Using a game vulnerability is a criminal offense

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This is an exploit. Game was not meant to be played this way. Furthermore it affects server stability. This should be reported, not heavily abused.
In games like World of Warcraft, if you do this sort of thing, affect server stability on purpose for whatever reason be it personal gains or just for fun, you get a permanent ban.
These are not just people standing on a rock. These are exploiters who ruin other players game time by causing heavy latency on purpose for personal gain.


Something needs to be done about this eventually. It lags out the entire server when players do it. Not sure what the solution is but I’m sure Funcom will come up with something eventually.


It has been reported though and brought to the attention of the devs. I was commenting on the post that called these people hackers. :slight_smile: They may be abusing a mechanic but this has nothing to do with hacking.


Well since he posted the video afew hours after my comment no I didnt see it at the time…

I think you may be on to something here @dorizzdt. We had a player calling the server in for a big group battle with the Eldritch Horrors, saying that the more players that showed up, the more they could spawn yet be safe from dying. We can only guess how the players were guaranteed safety.

So here’s what happened during their event: a clan mate died of thirst and hunger without any onscreen visual effects or warnings. They also could not heal, would consume potions and get no animation or healing. He logged in and out but the issues still remained.

I struggle to even understand how people think in some of the ways I see people think on internet forums. Reminds me of a short horror story about how artificial intelligence, while parallel to our own, is so fundamentally alien and different that there could never be any mutual understanding between the two, their base components are so vastly different there is no analogue to bridge the gap.

Firstly, let’s talk lag. Conan exiles is not a well optimized game. Even with only 20 people online, if there’s any pvp occuring anywhere, especially any pvp that involves gods/explosives, the entire server lags. Server fps can drop to the single digits just because of 1 single pvp instance. I used a god token on a large base on the old map and it lagged the server out completely, it took several hours for anyone to reconnect and the base didn’t actually physically update for an entire week afterwards. Would you say that that is the same? After all, I’m causing heavy latency for personal gain when I go on a raid, I could even be seen as ruining other players game time in doing so. Of course the answer is no, because I’m not causing lag for personal gain, I’m engaging in personal gain and that causes lag.

That distinction is important, because people DO create lag for personal gain, plenty of exploiters lag out servers so they can dupe items as the servers crash, that is an example of causing latency for personal gain. Farming enemies for personal gain, which then causes latency, isn’t even comparable. It’s not even in the same logical hemisphere. The players aren’t causing lag TO farm the maelstrom, they’re farming the maelstrom and THAT causes the lag.

Just for emphasis, when I first went into the maelstrom the same thing happened. I was farming it traditionally with a thrall, just fighting them as they came, until eventually something happened and it went from BAM -reasonable pause- BAM to BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM and I suddenly had 30 enemies on me. Server FPS dropped to 2.


A single player, farming the maelstrom “as it was intended” (Put in quotations because you’re not the arbiter of how a game is intended to be played, but even if I grant you that, the following is still true), dropped the server fps to 2. And just as an aside, I’m not even on one of those crap gportal servers, I’m on a private server run by a friend who pays considerably to have a server that is leagues stronger than an official server, and it still completely tanks the minute anyone engages with the maelstrom. It doesn’t matter what method I use to farm it, it’s laggy. There’s no way around that.

There’s some weird emphasis on the gas arrows here, so let’s just touch that too. In the old map, farming new asagarth by climbing one of the huts, coralling the thralls to the center, then smoking them with gas arrows was very common. That isn’t an exploit, it has never been an exploit. Using gas arrows, a weapon that deals damage, in a context where you need a weapon to deal damage to be a weapon to do damage, is not an exploit. If I found some way to wave my sickle and instantly kill worldbosses, that would be an exploit. Using weapons to deal damage is not an exploit.

And it’s a moot point anyways, because it isn’t the gas arrows or their pillar or the way that they’re farming that causes the lag, it’s the maelstrom itself that is inherently laggy. The spawnrate is out of control and the servers can barely even handle a normal workload, and above all that THE LAG WOULD BE THE SAME REGARDLESS OF WHAT TECHNIQUE THEY USED.

If each and every one of those players decided to independently farm the maelstrom in separate areas at the same time, the exact same outcome would occur, I’ve seen it happen. The issue isn’t that they’re using gas arrows, or even that they’re farming the maelstrom. The maelstrom is there to be farmed, that is it’s purpose, the surge mechanic relies on you farming this maelstrom. You have to farm the maelstrom to engage meaningfully with the surge mechanic. If farming the maelstrom then results in lag, is this a criminal offense? Is this deserving of ‘sanctions’?

My post is already too long, otherwise I’d detail just how useless all other forms of farming the maelstrom are and how grindy the mechanic is, how unreliable siege/boss spawns are and now gas arrow farming (a technique used widely in the previous map) would be a natural progression of that struggle, but it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the issue is the maelstrom itself, and the devs will likely tweak this moving forward anyways. I’d like to see spawnrates reduced and ??? yield increased to compensate, to reduce grind and server lag.

But just to revisit my first paragraph, I don’t understand how some people see something like this (players farming something that is designed to be farmed with a technique used for farming) and immediately think - “This looks like a job for law enforcement. This is a CRITICAL and ILLEGAL exploitation of a game weakness! Mother will hear of this!” before starting threads on the forums. Go leave some feedback on the maelstrom mechanic, report this as a bug, then please take some time to get over yourselves. I dont want maelstrom meta to be “find a pillar and drop gas arrows” either and I dont want server lag to be common, but there’s a lot of ways to approach discussing the issue that isn’t immediately labeling it an exploit and demanding bans for everyone involved. This map is still in early access, remember that.


Standing on a rock or structure to shoot gas at mobs is an exploit. In no way combat was designed to function like this and I can’t imagine the game designer thinking: “oh yeah, you can totally kill mobs while taking a higher ground, while these mobs give you a blank stare. That’s so real life level of immersive”
In games like Fallout 4, this was seen as an exploit and it was adressed by having melee mobs run away from you and hide behind obstacles as soon as you had higher ground.
WIth Island of Siptah, I noticed that mobs will jump off platforms to chase you, which didn’t happened in the past. You can see that Funcom is trying to adress this situations and find ways for AI to better react to player cleverness(exploits).
Also, you don’t have to write an essay size topic to excuse exploiters. These types of players know fully well what they are doing. They go into the maelstrom aware that it will cause 1020 ping, and still do it, because their greed exceeds common sense.
Fortunely for everyone, Funcom stands behind their statement that they will rather fix an exploit than ban people, which is fine with me.
I’ve looked some more into this issue with the maelstrom, and the best temporary solution I would recommned would be to decrease the number of elder creatures from 200 to 10, for both ambush and ambiental types. This can be found in the server settings, under maelstrom section.


Not calling you out or anything. I just think this needs some extra emphasis. It’s not the standing on a rock part that makes it an exploit. It’s the fact that the AI doesn’t know what to do about it so it just stands there and let’s you shoot it in the face.

Lol about two years ago they said they would address that :slight_smile:

Funcom needs to teach mobs to climb - problem solved


Standing on a rock or structure to shoot gas at mobs is an exploit

No, and that’s all I really need to say. You missed the point on everything else I typed, so there’s no point in continuing the discussion. I do hope they change the maelstrom to make it more interactive, but using gas arrows to farm something is not an exploit.


Hackers? Ok lol.

All they are doing is standing on a ledge while demons keep spawning, and they aoe them with poison arrows.


Exploits are when you knowingly use a bug to further your own gain at the expense of others. People can dance around that all they want with semantics…they are exploiting the mechanics, they know they are… so don’t be that person.

Thats all moot. Funcom if they actually had active devs beyond art department, should fix this urgently given its effect on adoption of the DLC. Knowing Funcom though, they will wait a few more months before waking up from whatever budget slumber they exist in and attempt to fix it.

Honestly this company is the worst software development shop in the history of gaming. Such poor focus on their own product - no doubt this will be “hidden” because who dares to question the mother ship… its easier to kill any critical statements then to address them.


Using a bug

Shooting a gas arrow is not a bug. The attempts at making the use of gas arrows into some kind of exploit worthy of punishment in this thread are so desperate it’s ridiculous.