Unique ID not valid

Hey all,

Trying to spin up a dedicated server for myself and some friends after coming back to see what all has changed in CE and I’m running into a problem where I try to connect to my own server and it tells me “Unique ID not valid.” The only topics I can find on this subject mention disabling mods, but my dedicated server install is fresh and my CE install is fresh, so I have no mods installed. Any pointers?



You can not run both client and server at the same time with steam on the same machine.

You should be able to run the server with the commandline argument: -nosteam, which will allow you to connect with Direct Connect. (Although there’s a small chance that option is a bit broken in this version. Let me know how it goes)
Or host the server on a different machine.

I have to catch some sleep, will check in on the thread tomorrow. Good luck!

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I use this.

@echo off
cd C:\cds
echo Starting ConanExiles Server…
ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -QueryPort=27017

It was working last night, but not today. Last night I could log in and so could others on my network. Updated the server files and nothing.

Edit: This is my own server, so running my own server and logging in on one PC.

Ah, forgot the -nosteam option in my .bat file this time. That did the trick. Thanks a lot @Scooper

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