Unit functionality

Greetings and salutations, as a die-hard Conan fan. I’ve been on the Conan Exiles forms for over a year being super critical, of the game and I’m here to announce now I get to chime in on unconquered. LOL

After about 20 hours of gameplay I’ve realized there are a few issues. I do enjoy the game me and my buddies like to play co-op and get drunk and talk s*** to each other.

But there is a couple of issues of scaling difficulty level in coop cannot get past Wave 14, it just gets out of control in coop.

Also there needs to be a retreat option for units. So that way you can have all your units Retreat back to the town center

Towers need to have a button that ejects all units instead of clicking on them individually

Your hero should have asked out option, so when you click on him early game Hill automatically go Scout the map and automatically attack targets. So you can focus on building management

Needs to be a little rework in Balance there’s no purpose in scaling into higher-level units like archers and polearm units. Found it very difficult to scale, and damage was lackluster

The UI at the bottom of the screen is way too cartoony, and there’s no reason for Conan’s face are the heroes face to be that big it’s wasted space it needs to be cleaned up significantly. The game looks extremely dated in the UI aspect

Need to come out with HD models for the units. Graphic quality is very low game looks very dated.

Even with all these suggestions I do enjoy the game, it just needs a little bit more polishing, unit control and a little bit more balancing

Me and my friends have basically hit a point to where we no longer interested in playing because we’ve hit diminishing returns. If you look at the steam player base it’s normally around a thousand. The game needs to be adjusted and adjusted quickly, to justify the people who supported the project. To be honest I’m a little frustrated I spent my hard-earned money, on a game that’s already dead.

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Awesome, critical views is what this game needs and constructive feedback!
I want to chime in and say that i agree with every point except the UI art style, but i guess it’s personal preference.
To be fair i heard more people say it isn’t good, so no argument there.
The faces are too big, no doubt lol

To “Eject” every soldier from a tower you can bind it to your keyboard via the options menu, i have it on “V”.

I share your frustration though, the game feels rushed and sadly the “DLC” part left a bad taste in potential customers mouth and a lot started to say they won’t buy it because of that on the Steam forums.

I had no idea that you could hotkey Soldiers the exit the tower that’s a pretty creative tip.

I find it extremely challenging to push through the upgrade tree. Like I’ve tried to focus on just pushing into the sorcery tree and to see what kind of benefit that gives, and then once I got halfway got there and made sorcery I find it really lackluster and didn’t really understand the point.

I definitely think they need to come up with some YouTube tutorial videos or showcase videos on the unit types and the upgrade tree.

You know like maybe a little 30 second clips on the units and what their roles are. Just whatever it took to really kind of showcase the game and bring in a community

In Conan Exiles I’ll get into single player admin mode in experiment with unit types. And monsters just to figure out how the Mechanics Work, I’m not able to do that with unconquered. I’m even having difficulty figuring out a good build order. Just because of the way the game is there needs to be some kind of sandbox mode. I would really like to see the game succeed, it definitely feels my RTS scratch. I’ve been frustrated with the direction of the RTS realm after Warhammer 40K 3 was kind of a dud.

I would even like to see the option to add a third person to the co-op mode, I’ve already bought in three copies of the game for my friend.

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Here’s my YouTube channel if you want to see how critical I am. I really enjoy the game don’t get me wrong, but there are some simple simple simple things that need to be fixed. I have a few YouTube videos on unconquered.