United PVP 4x Server Review Dont Join this Server Stay Away!

I wish there was a way you could report a server and I know this post is more of a rant than anything but can I say that if you are going to run a server and play favorites on the server with your friends can you just make it private. This is my review of the United4x Harvest PVP server. This server was created to stroke the admins ego. These type of servers are the worst. They have rules in place but only enforce these rules on new players. I joined this server and played for two weeks. This server had several other clans leave and now I see why. The admin tries to act like he/she is fair but only listens to those that stroke their ego. Also there is a clique of players who get preferential treatment. If you wanna enjoy this game stay away from this server specifically the PVP one. I tried to have a convo with the admin who then proceeded to put a target on me because I found out who his friends were on the server. I said its cool I will leave the server and proceeded to give a new player my resources and then I get kicked from the server and banned before I could do so. Stay away from this server and let them have their server for their lil clique.

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