Unknown build limit?

Then what is the point of the email if they are going to blow it up anyway. No email needed, see rules. Done.

The point is ONLY that there is some warning BEFORE the base is demolished. It’s only to give the player some time to salvage what they can before doom is delivered.

Just logging on to find your base gone is apparently too upsetting and not to mention rude. So many people are coming here to complain about it - most are just winners but still, winners are people too. :smiley:

Well a form letter is not always going to cut it.

Say you are blocking a resource. Where are you blocking it? What needs to be moved. You might have 10 small bases but 1 is causing the issue. So, some response is required then checking a box.

Then you have to put a certain time limit on it to fix. Usually a week is probably suffice if you are going to email them. They either will fix or not, then as an Admin you have to return to that server and check on the issue was resolved or fix the issue if not.

So either case, additional hours of work for one report.

While I agree it would be nice, but this process will delay the system down farther.

It’s way better than what happens now. And there will always be cracks to fall through no matter what. Unless FC wants to hire a thousand people to babysit and hand-hold the whiners…

No, no other response required. If FC wants to develop that into it then sure, fine, but it’s not needed. The message is: “move your frigging base - don’t build there and/or don’t build in the same way you just did.” People need to take some responsibility and figure out some things on their own. Otherwise 90% of game maintenance would just be spent specifying each little detail to everyone infracting on the rule-set. UG! It really REALLY is common sense in 99.99% of the cases. Even @lanier67 here… what the heck, building in the mounds area? OMG… And if he can’t figure it out, sure, no harm NO BAN!, just say goodbye to your base. Rebuilding in the same place or in the same way after that (maybe a third time) then sure, ban away…

Nope, no “fixing” available. The gods are coming for you… you committed the crime, you do the time. Or “your build is a disgrace, you lose your base.” :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, if “fixing” is allowed then someone has to check and verify (repeatedly more than likely) - that’s asking a bit too much of the admins IMO.

No additional anything. Why do you keep adding complexity to something so simple? Yes, they might have develop some aspects for this to work. Like an admin triggered “purge-like event” and a persistent messaging system like there already is in other MMO RPGs such as ESO if you’re familiar with that. But hey, that’s what progress is afterall.

The admins job would be easier or about the same - and WAY more fun too!

Email? Really guys? Where did you enter your email address when you played on those servers?

Besides, would you all actually have listened, or would most of you defiantly desputed. “Oh it wasn’t that bad…” Which after it all got demo’d most of you have done anyway.

“I wasn’t blocking anything.”
“It wasn’t that big”
“It was only near the obelisk”
“I only did a little spam to my neighbor”
“It was only a few- dozen… random foundations.”

All seem to be excuses given.

No they handled it the best way possible. They announced that they would enforce. Even people who don’t play on officials got the warning. Everyone got their first warning. Everyone. Those that didn’t heed it, got whacked.

And it was very effective. All of you who have base’s demo’d won’t violate that rule again.

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No, no one is saying email. Well, @Sir.Henry.Vale did, but he just made that part up.

I think most of us agree with that. Just that some people would like a little prior notification before they demolish it - from here on out. That’s all - nothing major, no discussions about the infractions, just prior notice is what I’m suggesting - like maybe 24 or 48 hours. Obviously there may also be times when no prior notifications are to be given. Like that stacking example @CodeMage posted somewhere.

It depends on your worldview, strategy and what you hope to achieve. I joined the server I’m on with plenty of plans, but unfortunately nothing I can do will bring more players. In this sort of case, PvP goes into “low tide mode” where new players are downright cultivated, gifted and dealt with kindly. This makes the situation volatile, and much less likely to encourage anyone to stay. Systemically, this ebb and flow must be defeated or we’ll never have a healthy PvP basis from which to build.

Plenty of very good players do just what you say, rebuild and go on. The question one asks himself after suffering an offline raid is “was that night of sleep/work/date worth it?” When the answer comes back as “yes,” the bonds to Conan start to unravel.


How do we know there wasn’t any notification given? These people only login to refresh their builds.

I have no doubt this wasn’t done. But if it were, none of these people would have gotten the message anyway. Here’s what I find hilarious, is anyone who didn’t get banned, likely refreshed once or twice without even realizing they lost their stuff.

Yeah, I don’t think the whole email back and forth will work, Funcom either doesn’t have the time, man-power or inclination for that (I mean they don’t admin their own servers, so I highly doubt they’ll go in for any in-depth exchanges over email)

I was thinking more of a general clan announcement (like the automated server messages we all get)

Something along the lines of:
“You are in violation of the building rules / TOS . You have 24 hours / 5 mins to rectify this. Otherwise your builds will be removed and you will be banned - Have a nice day - Buy our DLC”

I don’t think anything more needs to be added.


The Forum rules here seem to be pretty effective. Whenever I shoot my mouth off, it gives me two choices: moderate my behaviour or face the wheel.

Can you just imagine the mad scramble to “fix” an overbuilt lagbox? That would make some good YouTube content.


I’m of course talking about an in-game notification. Again, no one is talking about email…

Grrrrr… :confounded:

And again, in my proposal, “fixing” anything does nothing. Your base is gone, but you can take it down yourself and save the parts and placeables if you care to do so. Mostly it just circumnavigates the rudeness of handing out extreme action without warning. Not even the cops do that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you serious? Are you claiming the whole Mounds of the Dead should be a no-build zone? If not, why is him building there relevant. “Near the obi” does not mean on or around it, either. I see nothing in there that makes it “obvious” that he should get his stuff deleted.

I am lost for words (well, almost).

If an area is not a no-build zone, it stands to reason that building there - in general - should be allowed. Now if fence foundation stacking or whatever it’s called was being used, that’s a different matter - but I see nothing to indicate it was.

I’m sorry CM, but that’s exactly what the righteous Mr. Oduda is saying: I’m paraphrasing, but essentially it boils down to “you built on Mounds, it’s your fault for getting deleted”.

Hell, I’ve had a forward base at Mounds once upon a time. It was about 6x6 foundations, but it was on the Mounds, and fairly close to the Obelisk, too. Should I have had my stuff deleted? Why? Because the area was lagging? That may not be any particular player’s fault.

Again, I’m not talking about blocking the obelisk, or building a base the size of several grid squares, or any of the lag-causing exploits. Those are all fair game. But again, doesn’t sound like that was the case here.


That’s what I meant, ingame notifications are easy to miss. And anyone who simply logs on to refresh will likely miss it. They’ll be afk, tabbed out, or otherwise distracted. Even if it was sent to chat, the chat may not be up when they come back to simply log back out.

That’s why I said that its likely for many who weren’t banned to go a week or two without even realizing they had a demo’d base. Just decide to look around for once and go ‘wtf… where’s my stuff?’

I’d say everyone is in agreement there.

Which is why I suggested a mapwide no-build zone. With only small pockets (separated by no-build zone) where players can build in capped in height. This way everyone gets a little spot. Doesn’t block anything. And they cannot build in a way that infringes on other players.

If all spots are taken, the server is full. You’ll need to clan up with an existing player or move on.

No one can get banned for overbuilding, blocking resources, foundation spam, blocking obelisks, blocking off the map, or building too big. The plots will be small enough that filling them solid with foundations won’t hurt anything serverwise.

Since absolutely no rule can be clear enough for everyone (rule comprehension for the average player just isn’t good enough) then this is the only way forward. Its the only solution that will work. It has to be done. Everyone will be banned eventually otherwise.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into what @Oduda wrote, but to me it seemed like the implication is that if you build a base that degrades server performance and it’s close to an important landmark, it’s going to get noticed more easily and it’s more likely to get reported. But I could be wrong. :man_shrugging:

Did I miss something? Why are people assuming that the deleted bases were not making the server lag? For that matter, why are people – other than those directly involved – assuming that the deleted bases did not violate any rules?

Look, I get it that if you get wiped and/or banned by admins and you don’t know what you did, your assumption is going to be that it’s unfair. But people take that and run with it way too far, and we end up having discussions about hypothetical bans for 6x6 outposts near the Mounds.

I really wish Funcom would do what I already suggested in another discussion thread and give banned people better information when they request it via Zendesk. Right now, it’s way too generic. They should do something like this:

  • “Your clan was banned because of the claim spam around the base east of the Tower of Bats”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because the base at the Oasis of Nekhet was built in a way that affected server performance”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because the base in the Godsclaw Pass blocked resource spawns”, or
  • “Your clan was banned because of fence foundation stacking in the base near the Corner of Bones”

Sure, people would still protest, but at least we would have more information. Right now, we have people claiming simultaneously that “Funcom does not investigate reports beyond looking at the evidence attached to the report” and that “Funcom does not ban cheaters no matter how much we report them”. And I have yet to hear anyone explain why Funcom would ban builders without investigation, but refuse to do so for cheaters.

Mind, I’m not saying they don’t make mistakes. Funcom makes tons of mistakes with everything they do: development, QA, communication, so why not rule enforcement too? But what certain people keep claiming is happening goes beyond that and it just doesn’t add up to anything reasonable.

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I think we agree, that every player has their own playstyle. The only thing Ill add is that no PVP server ever remains the most populated forever. They rise and fall, for a number of reasons.

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It’s not possible to miss. You can’t even play until you acknowledge it. My idea was using this but to each player in the clan. Do you not see that in your client?

I’m not! I think there may be quite a few places they allow building primarily only to facilitate bedrolls or traps. I mean sure, you can technically build there but only an ignorant inconsiderate person would. The trouble is, those people do actually exist.

Eh, that sounds terrible! No thanks!

Oh thank gawd that’s not true! And proof is even just the current system we have now. It’s working fine with a tiny minority who are unsatisfied - or who just like the sound of violins playing to their sad pathetic lives. :smiley:

Just to be perfectly clear if not a little hyperbolic and pedantic, all bases cause server lag. Anything over one packet in size reduces performance to some degree. Multiply those multiple packets by the number of users connected and the issue can become problematic - especially for high ping connections. Twenty packets times five players in ten different locations and OOPS! 40 packets in one location with one player - no one notices. All bases also affect framerate clientside. It doesn’t take even a 1,000 pieces to notice a 10% drop at 1440p and it gets worse at 4k.


Well because nothing indicates that they did/were. Now of course it’s entirely possible that people are dishonest about the facts - but unless there’s some reason to think they are, I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume so in every case.

Amen. Because even if Funcom are not willing to expand The Rules™ themselves, this would give us some sort of basis for comparison.

Sure. It’s a good point. For the record I certainly do not think Funcom would do so willingly, or in any way maliciously. That makes zero sense. At most I could buy that there’s not enough time to investigate any given report meaningfully, and so whenever an area is causing problems, it gets the ol’ shotgun: a good spread. Which certainly risks harming innocents.

Perhaps. For obvious reasons what we see on the forums are not going to be very representative of what actually goes on: only a subset of players use them, those that “know what they did” (and accept it was wrong) are not likely to post here regardless, and a lot of the “why was I banned???” posts positively reek of people who know just fine why and what they did wrong, and are just hoping that a public-ish complaint will get them off the hook.

Well I think this is at the core of why we’ll never agree. Because I (obviously) disagree that “only an ignorant inconsiderate person” would build in, say, the Mounds. And while I risk being trite, the game’s tagline IS “build anywhere”.

If it is as you say, and you’re only supposed to build transitory camps in those areas (whatever they are), then I’m sorry but Funcom needs to find some technical way to implement and enforce that, they cannot rely on people magically knowing that, and hand out bans/deletions to anyone who doesn’t. For the record, I don’t think that is taking place.

I’m not sure if you think you’re being big and cool with your constant belittling of and personal attacks at anyone who disagrees with you, but I can assure you it just makes you look like an ass.

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It obviously means any type of terrain “even cliffs”! Either that or they’re contradicting themselves right off the bat by also having no-build zones scattered everywhere across the map.

Nonsense! I’m not talking about anyone who has ever disagreed with me directly. It’s a type of person, a behavior. They/it exists. We all see it. Or maybe just not you? I dunno…

Yeah, it’s almost like Funcom is saying “these areas are off limits, and we’ve decided to make that clear to you guys, because otherwise how would you know”. What a reasonable thing to do. sarcasm on So surely they have a whole range of places that aren’t marked as such but which players are expected to realize are no-go zones too because otherwise they’re “ignorant” and “inconsiderate”. sarcasm off

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Obviously they allow it - and are MUCH more likely to demolish your base when you do. The evidence should seem clear to anyone who has looked. I think you’re only choosing a combative context. Like, you wanna fight or bicker or something. Not sure why. Are you opposed to the words “ignorant” (lacking knowledge or awareness in general) and “inconsiderate” (thoughtlessly causing inconvenience - not considering the unobvious)?