Unknown issue (seems code related) causing random hard freeze (game & whole system)

Game mode: single player/solo (Also occurs in MP on unmodded, rented server)
Type of issue: Performance Loss with lag and Crash
Server type: none (in machine game mode)
Region: America
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

Lately, while interacting with items inworld, (ie, crafting, havesting, mining, inventory actions) I’ve been getting audio glitching which sounds like static at the moment an action is performed.
It starts at the beginning of the action and lasts a couple of seconds and becomes more severe with each action performed.
This accumulates apparently and results in a game crash / “LOCKUP” which also results in the Windows 10 (pro) going into “Deadlock”.
When this happens the only recourse is to manually power off the system and reboot.

System, Windows 10 Pro
CPU AMD 9590 (water cooled)
SSD Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB
GPU AMD Radeon 5500 8gb

Expected Behavior:

No audio static buildup associated with interactions.
No game lockup / crash

Steps to Reproduce:

Play normally.
Interact with elements in world (ie: crafting, inventory item movement, harvesting, mining, etc)

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