Unknown Texture failure to load

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

Not enough memory video card. (4 mg Nvidia)

  1. Moved into Arena built with Blood and Sands DLC.
  2. First crash came when selecting Pippi mod Thespian to open Interface
  3. Crashed with error insufficient memory. (NEVER EVER have I had that before)
  4. Restarted Conan - logged in and repeated same process and crashed as soon as selecting Thespian.
  5. Restarted Conan again, in SP to join a co-op game with Zero mods and upon loading the world - same error.
  6. Was able to log in and only crashed riding the horse in SP.
  7. Restarted game server with only Pippi MOD and still inside the arena this time without selecting anything, just after game world loaded, the error came again.
  8. Checked the health of Video Card, drivers recently updated (11/20) and memory checked out fine.
  9. Logged in again, still in Arena and have no means of getting out before the error pops up.

While I thought it was my system (checked out fine) and I thought it was a Pippi issue (not), my only thought is that it is a texture that is failing to load with the Arena. I really am unsure where to trace this to and am still hunting, adding one mod at a time.

But even without mods, there was an issue with horrendous lag and popping all over without ever attempting to move the toon.

good luck

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