Unknown/unwarranted Ban?

I recently moved to a new official pvp server on ps4 and went to log in this morning and it told me I was banned. Again just recently started playing this server and did not receive any emails stating why I was banned or for how long. As far as I know I have not done anything on the server deserving of a ban and I am the only one out of the clan who was banned. How would I go about finding out the reason for my ban and for how long?

To appeal your ban you can contact Funcom’s community team via a DIRECT MESSAGE. In addition, usually, when Funcom issues a ban, you are banned from ALL official servers.

How to contact us

If you want to report an infraction in any of our official servers, please contact us via Direct Message in our forums. You can do so by going to your profile, selecting Message, and in the recipient field type in @Community . Do not tag any other players or members of our community in your reports.

If you want to appeal a ban , you will first have to have read these rules and make yourself aware of them. Once you have done that, get in touch with us in the way described above and provide the following details:

  • Platform
  • Name of the Server
  • If on PC, a link to your Steam profile.
  • Clan or clan names you used to play in.

Once provided those details please wait until we get back to you. When appealing a ban, you might be required to provide any explanations or information we might deem necessary in order to consider the appeal of the ban.


Clan and personal responsibility

It falls under your responsibility to make sure not to break any of these guidelines and when in doubt, please contact any of our staff in our forums.

It also falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your clan is abusing game mechanics or partaking in continued harassment. Do not associate under any circumstances with players you suspect are hacking, exploiting or abusing any of the guidelines above. If you suspect any of them are partaking in such actions, please report them to our staff and distance yourself or your clan from these players.

It is also your responsibility to know which clans you’re currently a member of, on any official server. If you are not going to be active in a server, please remember to leave the clan or ask to be kicked from it after a certain period of time.

Ignorance to these actions and guidelines will not be taken into consideration when appealing any possible restrictions put in place against your account due to this oversight.

But im only banned on one official server I was able to log in to all my others I have played

Either way, you can contact Funcom as per the procedure above.

Nvm now I cant log in to any. Well thank you hopefully I submitted it correctly this time