Unlockig the Atlantean Sword

So, i got my physical day one edition for the game today and im wondering, can i enter the code for the Atlantean sword and receive it now or will i have to wait until the 8th for it to work ?

How did you already get the physical copy lol.

Sorcery detected?

It shouldn’t be a secret by now that some if not a lot of stores like to break street dates…

Yes, the store i bought it from obviously did not care too much about the launch date and sent me the copy straight away

But there was just a major update to the game code and will be another one. Amazing…

And can You play wit it? Theoretically, the CD version of the game is different than actual servers version.

I never installed the game, just bought it for the code to get the Atlantean sword.
I would probably been able to play it on my private server but not on public servers.
Anyhoo, the game is launched and the code has been redeemed now