Unlocking All Skills + Weapons and Other Achievements


I loved the game but have a few issues regarding achievements and end game.

I have completed the game by reaching Eden. I have reloaded my save to try to finish a few things up and get some of the Achievements. However, there are no more enemies to kill and I still haven’t unlocked all skills. Does this mean I have to wait until DLC (if there is any) to get all of the achievements? The same goes for weapon upgrades.

Also, the achievement for stealing something from RoboShack seems to have bugged for me as I have stolen something from there and killed all the robots in there afterwards but nothing came up. Am I missing something?

Thank you

in the roboshack you can pick up commodoro64 or something like that to got an achivement to find all artifacts.

I picked that up and have all the artifacts? Still no achievement. Thanks for the reply though.

You have to pick up every item on the Roboshack :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks but I’ve just been back there to see if there was anything I missed but I can confirm that there is nothing left there to be picked up. Unless there’s more than one Roboshack. Thank you anyway though.

In my case the commodore was not higlited as an item to pick up. Go to inwentory and your backpack to confirm that you have it. If not, it was on a desk near the stairs on second floor.

ok, i just noticed that i do not have this achievement myself :), will come back there and try to figure it out too :slight_smile:

UPDATE: There is nothing here… all scraps form ground/disabled robots taken, all robots killed too. So it maybe becose the commodoro64 was bugged (not higlighted) i can not get ahivements.

If I remember correctly it isn’t the Artifact that gives the achievement, it’s one of the robot stands.