Unnamed city legendaries spawn rate

about 30% or less of the kills i see a legendary drop.

its becoming quite the rpic grind, specially for some of the bosses that has a very large spawn list, i think the rate they drop should be a bit higher, maybe not 100% guarantee but a bit higher .


Are they random? Im after the Drunkard’s blade without success.

yes,.they are. i got plentyu of copies, i am after crom sword again lol. lost the one i had with a glitch. (thrall died and body nowhere to ber found)

Yeah that sucks, specialty if another player found and looted it :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, no it was not the case i remained in the area looking for the thrall corpse to retrieve the items, and it simply poof, unable to see where it died. lol

Maybe it went invisible like our bodies do sometimes, hopefully FC add an icon on the map for active following companions aswell.

that will be a great idea,

i tried to log out and log in, ran out of render range and nothing, i am guessing it died underground lol

Hahaha ouch, those quicksands corpse eaters, thats our true enemy :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they should add tombstones for Thralls too? Hmmm…though I could see that maybe causing issues if you like, mass murder a billion of them during a raid. But, hmm…

Since we have only one follower at a time, adding a marker and tombstone for it wouldnt hurt, if you get another to follow, the tombstone would vanish.

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