Unnamed city thrall disappeared in quadrant 6E no death no loot. Just gone off the followers list. This is ridiculous that people have been having this issue for years and u guys still can't fix it. Really about to stop playing this game

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  1. Killing things in unnamed city to get heart of hero
    2.waiting for respawn of one skull to farm heart
    3.come back from bathroom to find my thrall gone
    4.vanished from followers list no loot no death nothing
  2. (etc)
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Pretty sure they expect a little bit better description here. I’ve never had that happen on SP, and never heard of it happening. Follower just vanishes and doesn’t die? I’ve had them fall through the mesh, but never just vanish off list.

It is terrible that weeks of farming and crafting gear are gone in 2 sec. From getting stuck in dungeons to getting stuck inside your thralls/horses and being unable to move. Really getting hard to continue playing… FIX YOUR GAME. People been having the same issues since 2019

Why don’t u read the forms … people all say their thralls disappear all over from the volcano to just standing guard

And can’t get much clearer then that description because that’s how it happened…

I do read the forums. Like I said, I have seen plenty of people talking about thralls falling through the mesh. Never seen anyone else say the thrall just vanished and isn’t even on the follower list.

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I had a friend with me and all we see is the thralls gloves , the thrall didn’t fall through anything didn’t get stuck on anything and didn’t fight anything … im a new user so I can’t even post the pic I took

Yes completely vanished off the followers list I was tracking him too and looked on map and he was gone… checked the list he was gone no loot bag nothing… the gloves floated in his last location then disappeared after 5min

I’m not denying that it happened. I just mentioned that I’ve never heard of it happening because you said it’s been happening for years. I’ve played since the game first went early access, and never heard of it. That makes me doubt it’s been happening for years, not doubt that it has happened to you.
But seriously, try to give better descriptions and a bit less raging in your post. I understand bugs can be frustrating, but clear and concise descriptions of what happened with as much detail as you can give are the best way to get results.

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I just read several other posts about how thralls always vanish in the volcano region and a few other locations ( with the same sequence of events) dated as far back 2019

That’s why I said it’s been happening for years . They never fix anything. 2 days ago me and my boy got trapped in the sunken city dungeon and that issue has been going on for years too . That’s where the frustration comes from. Such a good game ruined by bs … just so annoying weeks of farming to get crom sword and crafting champion armor set gone in seconds…

This is what I mean by not raging and giving clear and concise descriptions. They have fixed TONS of issues over the years. And continue to fix them with every patch.

As for other forum threads saying this going back to 2019, many may have been falling through the mesh. Again, I’m not doubting that it happened to you, just that I never had it happen and never heard of it. But I’m not omnipotent (thankfully), so maybe it has. That doesn’t change the fact that a calm descriptive post is going to get you the results you want much better than a raging, exagerrating one.



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You can use a site like imgur.com to upload the images.

There have been a few reports about similar issues, however that doesn’t necessarily mean they arise from the same cause.

As you stated “no death”, I assume you checked your event log?

Also it would be beneficial to state which server type you were playing on. What state was the thrall in (following/scouting)?


PvE 2501
Yes there was no death reported

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It is easy to remain calm if you dont share the same experience. They have fixed alot, they have fixed this one bug alot, repeatedly.

He visto desaparecer esclavos, pero por suerte si los pongo en buscar y me Alejo lo suficiente al volver aparecen

What does one do on xbox to get one back if they did fall through the mesh? I’ve seen on the PC forums there are commands to “ghost” through the mesh yourself? But on Xbox?

On Xbox do you have the option to make yourself ‘admin’ and open the admin panel? (Ghost mode is a check box in the admin panel.).

What @DanQuixote said. If you can make yourself admin. I barely know anything about computers, I know even less about consoles. Last one I had was PS2 (still have it. lol).

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Lol - same console I’ve still got :laughing:

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