Unofficial Marketplace Thead - Post your WTS and WTB here


Since @andyb thinks we don’t need a Trade forum (source, go poke him until he relents) this is the Official Unofficial Marketplace Thread. Post you trade offers and buy requests here.

Just a few of basic guidelines to keep this thread tidy:

  • Use the prefixes [WTS]. [WTB], and [WTT] for easier skimming.
  • DO NOT use this thread to haggle or ask questions of sellers/buyers. Please use PMs for that. Only post your WTS, WTB, and WTT here. Everything else should be in PMs.
  • Delete your reply once your offers are fulfilled to keep the clutter down.


Updated Feb 24th


  • Agent Dossier: Amir (See notes below)


  • Frost-Bound Hammer of Restoration

Will accept Signet of Nemain and Elaborate Glyph Fragments as payment. For this, I will consider Signets of Nemain to be worth 90k each and Fragments to be worth 3k each.



  • PET ENABLED MOTORCYCLE SIDECAR (asking for a friend :dog2:)

All reasonable prices will be considered.


[WTS] Arctic Hare pet.
Or trade for any sword related agents, Chung or even Montgomery if you want to make my day.



  • Witch Doctor´s Rifle of Alacrity Mk III


  • Offers


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sell plasma forge shotgun havoc, 7% agents.
trade ann(7% chaos/crit dmg) for amir, aurelie, cveta, montag or monty



  • Plasma Forged Pistols of Havoc Mk III for Anima-Touched Pistols of Havoc Mk III


  • Flame-Wreathed Fist Weapon of Havoc Mk III


[ WTT ] Agent Dossier: Amir (7% Ele) for Petru


<<Edit: All items sold>>

[WTS/WTT] - Cosmetics

Monster Slippers - Dark Red, Orange, Purple
Elfin Cap - Teal, White
Elfin Tunic, Red
Knit pom-pom hat, patterned blue
Masks: Scary Snowman, Reptoid(Green), Screaminator(Chrome), Bloody Hockey
Wassailer, Neck, Blue
Long Wool Scarf, Red
Blood Drop choker, Red
Key pendant necklace, Silver
Pentacle bracelet, Silver
Magnifying spectacles, Gold
Reindeer Antler headband, purple
Knitted Reindeer sweater, grey
Ski jacket, white
Holly earrings
Reptoid hands(green)
Eyestalk gloves

Citrine Mouser (pet)

Accepting Agarthan Cache in trade, MoF offers, will consider re-sellable items, bulk discount


WTS - Witch Doctor’s Blood Magic Focus of Energy

Twitter Link Here

I’m thinking 200K or best offer. Serious inquiries only, please.
(Edit - Price Drop.)


WTS - Clown Nose [Museum Item]
WTS - Mini Mecha
WTS - 7x Recluse outfit [Full set]

All prices on negotiation


WTS Arctic Hare.


WTB [Agent Dossier: Che Garcia Hansson]

I’m not sure what his market price is atm, but I can offer 800K

I am open to negotiation.


The dossier you’re looking for does not exist as a drop yet, it is exclusive to SA Agent Booster packs for now.


Ah I see. Thanks for the clarification! I’ve settled for Mihas Blaga for now, but hopefully Che is added as a drop in a future patch. Cheers


Agent Dossier: Deputy Andy Gardener

MOF only, pls PM offers. Thanks.



[Agent Dossier: Carter]
[Agent Dossier: Montgomery de la Roche]

600k each or trade to Shocking Steps



  • Plasma Forged Chaos Focus of Destruction Mk III



Anima-Touched Blood Focus of Energy

Paying well!