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  • Orochi Inverter of Alacrity-III


Trying inhere then =)

Frost-Bound Rifle of Recovery MK III
Plasma Forged Blade of Havoc MK III
Radiant Vampiric Essence

Orochi Thermal Inverter of Recovery MK II (Ele focus)
Flame-Charged Blaster of Warding MK II (Shotgun)

PM Kacie or Kriller ingame or reply here



Agent Dossier: Ann Thophora

Contact Mamorru in game and we’ll come to a deal much better than AH.


Over a month trying to trade these and no luck, just going to sell on AH.


Hello i would buy your Plasma Forged Pistols of Havoc Mk III for Mofs.
If you dont mind it i would contat you ingame and we can discuss about the Price.



  • Witch Doctor’s Rifle of Alacrity MK III
  • Special Agent Dossier: Astrid Mikkelsen (Epic)

Accepting MoF

PM me here for details and I will get back to you.



  • nothing atm


  • Heavy Caliber Pistols of Energy Mk III
  • MIRV Launcher of Destruction Mk III
  • SPES-C221 of Alacrity Mk III
  • Dual TMP-206 of Energy Mk III
  • Plasma Forged Blade of Destruction Mk III
  • Unbound Army combat jacket, filthy (Faction Coloured)


(09-aug-18 update)
OK, so.
WTT [Agent Dossier: Lee Chung] for Liang-Zhi or Espina or Khamsing or Grady
WTT [Agent Dossier: Jayesh Suresh] for Christina Del Rio
WTT [Agent Dossier: Warlawurru] for Aleksey Volkov
WTT/WTS 2x [Agent Dossier: Giovanni Bellanova] for whatever I don’t have yet
or something like this.
And WTS [Agent Dossier: Amir] (traded!)
Also still WTS [Arctic Hare] and [Unbound Army combat gloves, filthy (Faction Coloured)] from NYR.

Feel free to PM me or write DigitalWraith in game about those.


Special Agent Dossier: Sarah Skelly


[Agent Dossier: Nassir]

SimonD in game


Agent Dossier: Petru
Agent Dossier: Mihas Blaga
Eldritch Tome of Destruction Mk III


I know someone that has it, message me in game later when I get home from work


WTS 2 and 3 pip special weapons. Shoot me a message ingame (@Miizaa) if interested.

  1. [Anima-Touched Fist Weapon of Destruction Mk III]
  2. [Anthology of Hemorrhages of Energy Mk II]
  3. [Anthology of Hemorrhages of Restoration Mk II]
  4. [Fortune & Favour of Havoc Mk III]
  5. [Heavy Caliber Pistols of Destruction Mk II]
  6. [Radiant Tachyon Pigment] - this is a talisman
  7. [Razor’s Edge of Destruction Mk II][Razor’s Edge of Energy Mk II]
  8. [Sanity’s Aphelion of Destruction Mk II]
  9. [KSR-43 of Energy Mk II]
  10. [Witch Doctor’s Blade of Alacrity Mk III]
  11. [Witch Doctor’s Shotgun of Restoration Mk III]


WTS Rocketeer Pack. Currently on AH


WTS Recluse Outfit (complete)


WTS Rocketeer pack sprint. Starting price is 700k



  • SPES-C221 of Havoc Mk III


  • Sov-tech Paradox Generator of Efficiency Mk III
  • Honeycomb t-shirt, faction colored


WTB Witch Doctor’s Blade of Restoration


WTT Red Shocking Steps for Yellow Shocking Steps.


WTT Aurelie for Carter or Nassir or Petru or Mihas or Andy or maybe Cveta