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[Agent Dossier: Carter]
[Agent Dossier: Montgomery de la Roche]

600k each or trade to Shocking Steps



  • Plasma Forged Chaos Focus of Destruction Mk III



Anima-Touched Blood Focus of Energy

Paying well!



  • SPES-221 of Restoration-III for Alacrity-III
  • Pneumatic Hammer of Restoration-II for Alacrity-II+ (+mof for III)
  • Sanity’s Aphelion of Restoration-III for Alacrity-III


  • Frost-Bound Hammer of (not Warding or Recovery)
  • Sov-Tech Harmonisers of Alacrity-III
  • Stormbringer of Alacrity-III
  • Bladed Gauntlets of Alacrity-III

Unlikely to be open to cross type trades, unless it’s for a FB-Hammer. My char “Bjond” is currently in alt-mode, but I do check him at least once a day if you want to send in-game mail instead of a PM here.