Unplayable dungeons :)

I know … never play on patch day … but :
Thralls doesn’t move as you command them .
The warmaker dungeon is unplayable ( the last boss is the worst ! He keep teleporting around and doing shadow hits or get stucked in the structure + and that’s the worst … YOUR STAMINA doesn’t refresh !!! )
So … dear funcom … maybe you should rollback and rework this patch ?

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I tried Warmaker’s like the first dungeon after the update few hours ago, and had no problem with it. :confused:

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Hm that’s wierd … I play on PC on 1040 and it’s a hell of Server performance issues :frowning:
I’ve checked my connection and my system - it works fine … so it’s the response of the server

Okay , it seems like it’s the server … 4/40 and we are trying to join in 3

Just go admin to the dungeon in single player to check if there is anything wrong on your end :+1:

Yeah first one i did actually. No issues

Done on another offi Server … works .

I remember sometimes having similar performance issues even years before, and mostly when 10+ people were online at the same time. I guess it is not necessarilly about the update.

We are a kind of sure now , it’s the server …
We can’t join it anymore :confused:

Not only dungeons, even fight with single berserker is chellenge, becasue he got new skill teleport, much better than 2h axe berserker after he hold block.

Not only the dungeon’s, entire game , everything becomes unplayable, on officials

Send ticket to Zendesk then and save the rest players too. It’s very familiar and really old some servers not to function correctly. After the Zendesk system these issues can be solved!

You’re joking right ?
Zendesk usually respond after 6 weeks .
It’s basically useless for the most problems you have .

There is some desync going on after teleporting in some cases.

I fixed it a few times with simple relogs. Maybe that already can improve your performance a bit.

But yea needs fixing asap and not with chapter 3.

It’s the the whole server … if you relog you can’t join the server anymore and stuck in an endless losing screen

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