Unplayable, Sound Shutter and Lagging

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I got the game and its been awesome. Played it for a few hours and then …Problems

Then it started happening , the sound started shuttering and the game start lagging. Making it unplayable, I have tried playing without sound, but the lagging is to much !

This is so frustrating , I have updated all drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled the game but it still giving the same issues.

Please HELP me…(I’m no PC guru, so please HELP)

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Hey there,

are you able to play for a bit each time before it beginns to stutter, or does it start right away? Does it depend on the region you are in? Before I upgraded my graphics card I had slighty lower performance in the rainy areas for instance. Did you try playing on one of the other servers? Just to see if it’s the same there.

And finally, do you use any mods? If so, maybe deactivate them and turn them back on one by one.

I had this issue occur on another game where I could play about 20 mins and suddenly lag spikes.

Turns out I had a gamepad connected to my PC that was causing input feedback once I disconnected the game pad there were no issues. Not sure if you might have some other inputs that might be causing you issues

Yes I play a bit then it start to shutter , and no it does not depend in what region im in, its all over, when i run or walk it does not shutter when i stand still it shutters. and yes i have tried many many servers and the same story all over,
but after the updates recently its been a little better, but still shutters and lags , but i got used to it now when playing, LOL

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Nop dont have any other inputs like a gamepad, only my Router, Mouse, Keyboard and Screen, Hehehe