Unpleasant & Annoying CE Nag Screen


IDK, I haven’t seen a whole lot of FTP games that don’t have SOME form of revenue push. If there are that have absolutely 0 advertising in any way I’d love to hear about them! And then probably not play them because I have no interest.


Also idk but I only see 1 ‘advert’ box. There’s not multiple like you made it seem?

Besides the CE what other popups are flooding your real estate?


When I log in for the first time in a day the following are open

  • South Africa CE nag screen
  • recent news (clickthrough to daily rewards)
  • challenge journal


You seem to be talking :poop: mate :v:


You shouldn’t have edited out the lengthy explanation of how you can’t recognise sarcasm, your post was much funnier that way. :v:


But then, you wouldn’t of had the pleasure to double :poop:


I also have the CE screen, Agents, Inventory/char sheet, Challenge journal and daily login/news - all open on login

There used to be a way to turn off the challenge journal from appearing on login but i can’t find it, so not sure if it’s in SWL or not.

Pressing ALT does work to remove all the windows on login or just moving, but i think what adds to most peoples frustrations, is that it doesn’t have the option to just not load them at all - because they are just unnecessary.
The only one that has an option to turn off is your daily news/login reward and probably should be the only one that doesn’t have that option so nobody can complain about missing out on a reward or news lol


Interface Options > HUD Functionality > Notifications > Show daily rewards on login

This used to be just a toggle for the challenge window and now stops both the challenges and news/rewards window from popping up. But then you still have to manually open the news window and click through to the daily rewards to claim them.


Exact same reliably; for reasons I cannot fathom, the agent interface sometimes - but quite unreliably - opens up as well.

I’s a bloody mess of stuff competing for screen real estate, and if Funcom thinks it looks professional, boy are they ever wrong.


The agent screen you actually have to push a button to open. The CE nag screen IS the recent news. Challenge journal? That’s literally how you make your daily MOF in game. You can rebind a lot of your keys if you are opening windows by accident (agent window when you log in only opens if you hit p). I’ve seen a lot of complaining but the things like agent screens you have to push to open and challenges were the part that really did it in for you lol?


Just to be clear: are you intentionally accusing me of lying, or are you merely incapable of imagining SWL of all games might actually be behaving weirdly at all times?


You can do that in Setting > Controls

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