Unreal Fest Online 2020 - Speeding Up Game Logic in UE4

Hey there,

This was shared on the mod discord by Funcom tool programmer, @Toolguy The video was uploaded in August, but I only became aware of it today and thought I would share.

The presentation is hosted by Epic (developers of the Unreal Engine 4 that Conan Exiles is built on), and the presenter is Daniel Ratzer (Senior Engine Programmer for Funcom, where he works at the Oslo office). Engine Programmer’s aren’t in charge of things like, Thrall AI, mounts, or any other gameplay mechanic. Their job focus (to extremely summarize) is the Engine, hence the name in Daniel Ratzers title.

This is a very, highly technical presentation, as it’s supposed to be. This is not a presentation meant for the average player to understand, this is purely about the development side and offering education to other developers of the world on speeding up Game Logic and what some things they have done for Conan Exiles to help with that. Conan Exiles (Dune is slightly mentioned as well, though not in name) isn’t the main point of this presentation, as again, this is meant for developers.

The presentation is probably more interesting to people like @CodeMage or @Barnes, but this was a pretty fun watch. Don’t ask me to summarize though, a lot of it was WAY above my head (I’m not a programmer ha ha), but still a lot of interesting stuff.