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Current Mod List Contains these mods:

  • Pippi
  • ExtremeColors
  • Glowing_Eyes
  • Warrior_mutator_mod
  • ELI_ArmorsOnly
  • SvS_Extended
  • *RA.pak
  • Emberlight
  • StylistPlus
  • TheColdEmbrace-Main
  • DungeonMasterTools
  • ExilesExtreme
  • ExilesExtreme_FeatBlocker
  • Roleplay
  • SexilesMod
  • RoleplayGear
  • StraysStayDry
  • No_Building_Placement_Restrictions
  • Pickup+

Maelgoth’s History:

Maelgoth was once a secluded land in the far southern regions. Separated by seemingly endless oceans of water, sand and ice. The land was cut off by the more civilized cultures of the world for millennia. With lush forests, sweltering deserts, fertile jungles and snowy mountain vistas. Maelgoth was teeming with diversity and wealth. For centuries the lands grew without the hindrance and tampering of civilization and it was only a matter of time before this utopia would be discovered and pillaged for the riches that lie within.

Around one thousand years ago, crossing the vast ocean of sand from the west. An ancient civilization known as the Ithraki discovered the land of Maelgoth and the treasures it held. They were a multicultural nomadic civilization, well known for their deep roots into sorcery and innovative sciences. The Ithraki were zealous in their never ending quest for knowledge and they began conducting experiments with the goal of melding the intelligence of man with the brute strength of beasts. Using the native creatures of Maelgoth, many of the experiments ended in absolute failure and the test subjects would be taken out and slaughtered. It wasn’t until many years later of trial and error, that they would succeed in creating new species.

The Ithraki were not only successful in meshing man and beast they also succeeded in sowing the seeds of their own destruction. The beast like men at first were primitive and lacked cognitive abilities of man. Through the generations they began to learn and acquire skills once thought out of their reach. They began to form small groups and even communicate with grunts, growls, and whistles.

The Ithraki, amused by their subjects’ archaic attempts at communication between themselves, released the beastmen onto the land in an enclosed area eager to see if they would survive on their own, or if they would need the assistance of their makers in order to prosper. The Beastmen, much to their maker’s surprise, were able to withstand the harsh realities of life on their own. The Ithraki began to utilize the beastmen as free labor. They were forced to tend the fields, lay cobblestone to pave roads, and at times served as shields against harm to the Ithraki. Many beastmen began to resent their makers and their seemingly flawless freedom. Some dreamed of a day where all beastmen would be free. Still others thought of the end of their maker’s Reign of supremacy. The Ithraki remained oblivious to the rising ill will toward them, and instead focused their attention on advancement in technology, sciences, and their magics.

All too soon the beast men would make their move. The Ithraki, though far superior in both technology and thought, were unprepared for this turn of events. The beastmen decimated their unarmed foes in their fight for freedom. As the number and savagery of the beastmen grew the Ithraki weighed their options. Ithraki, women, children, and high ranking officials fled the land of Maelgoth in search of more peaceful prospects. Those remaining made the ill made attempt at defending their dwindling territory/ survivors. As quickly as it had begun, the war ended in the destruction of the remaining Ithraki in Maelgoth.

With their newly gained land and freedom the Beastmen began to destroy all remnants of the Ithraki. They tore down buildings, burned books, and all but removed any trace of the ancient beings from the land. Like a raging inferno their rage, hate, and violence quickly burnt itself out. They began to separate into tribes of like featured beastmen. The lycanthropes and many shifters moved into the cooler regions of snow and highlands. The Vampires and demons went underground settling into the darkness of the caverns and deep crevices of the deserts. The remaining scaled beastmen fled to the dense jungle soaking up the warm moist air and feasting on the fertile bounty found beneath its canopy.

All was well in the land of Maelgoth for many generations. Each tribe flourished in their environment. Small skirmishes broke out between tribes from time to time as they tested boundaries. These minor scuffles would last at most a few moons with few casualties. One fateful day would set turmoil once more in motion. Scouts from the jungle tribes reported seeing strange figures dancing on the horizon. As the days went by the strange shapes grew into huge floating things heading towards their peaceful shores. Not knowing whether the floating things posed a threat or not they sounded the alarm all throughout the jungle. Within days the floating things made landfall and with it came the Elves. Maelgoth once again seethed with turmoil.

After the elves arrived they began to push the native Beastmen from the jungles to the western lands. This forced migration, pushed upon the boundaries of the northern and desert tribes, escalating tensions between the tribes of beasts. Eventually when the boundaries could no longer be stretched and pushed further the beastmen began to form an alliance between their tribes in order to defend against the encroaching Elves. The battle for Territory between Beastmen and Elves would rage for many years. Focused on the war between themselves, the Beastmen and Elves, were nearly oblivious to a new threat entering from the North. The kingdom of Man would make its way South to push upon the Northern borders of Beastmen and the Elven peoples.

Nearly a century later, as war begins to die down throughout the land its effects became clear. Once pristine pools of water were polluted by magic, poison, and death. Many of Maelgoth’s animals were forever changed, warped by the effects of magic, poison, and violence. Some histories even indicate the dead were not left unscathed from the ravages of the long vicious war. The future of this land, Maelgoth, remains uncertain as though all out war between the beasts of the desert, reclusive elves of the jungle, and the mighty legions of man may be at a stand still for now, one spark of anger could ignite the flames of war once again.

Now, it is up to you my friend… You decisions, your actions, your words can rule kingdoms, save lives… Or condemn the world… The choice is yours… Our world is in your hands.