[Unsolved] Unable to start Modded Dedicated Server (Wine/Linux) after restart

I went to restart my server this morning after seeing it stopped on OpenGamePanel (using latest Stable Wine on Ubuntu 18.04)

However it never progressed past:
[2019.02.14-12.59.06:331][ 0]LogModManager: Searching for mod/dlc controllers.

Suggestions, I’ve tried:

Restarting the computer,
apt update

The main part is, it worked last night before I went to bed and won’t start now.

Edit: Full log pastebin com/xSdjAWcT (if a mod could fix that, it’d be great.)

No idea what happened, took world, config + mods back up. Reinstalled, after erasing all and all is fixed? No idea.

Actually never mind happened again today, deleted Logs and Log Backup and it started fine. Any ideas?

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