Unspoken Cage (18+ AOC/Modded)

Unspoken Cage

Weekend events setup
-Prizes and Adventure

New 30 Slot Server
Mod List:

-Easy going community
-PVE Game Play
-PVP Events
-Starter City

Basic Game play Setting:
-Player drops items on death.
-Player stays in game when logging out.
-Purges are scheduled for the weekend.

Welcome to the Unspoken Cage. A place where everything is not as it seems
and everything should be questioned. The only truth that is undeniable is
that you are in a cage. It is up to you to figure out what kind of cage this
is, and how to escape, or conquer.

Story line of the server is very relaxed, and under development.
We are a PVE server with occasional PVP events.
Player bases are not destroyed or decayed unless you break the rules, or leave.
We are just starting out so the sky is the limit.

We are working with some of the best mods
-Age of Calamitous
-River Boats of The Exiled Lands
-Dudes Delightful Decorations
-Kerozards Paragon Leveling (Level 300)
-And Many more…

Joining the discord is a must for communication with the admin.


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If you are having any issues logging into the server try loading into first player first after you load the mod list. Then try to join the server. We are still a small community and would love to have more people who like to build and adventure. We have weekly events and monthly quests. If you want more info join the discord and read up before jumping on the server.