Unspoken hopes for 3.0

What do you guys think the odds are that they are going to fix existing optimization issues or tweak the melee combat system in 3.0? They didn’t mention either of those, and I feel like they are pretty big issues.

I would wager that any optimisations would come after they introduce 3.0 and see how their servers handle it. Until it’s released trying to improve performance would be a best guess scenario.

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Yeah, optimization of the game is still in a really bad place; better than it used to be for sure, but it still feels choppy and unpolished.

Choppy and unpolished…I guess that depends on the platform being used.

Neither apply for me.
I am using a gaming PC, and it is smooth and polished. I also run the game in ultra and my Radeon RX 5700 XT shows amazing graphics details without a hint of lag or stuttering.

I get that not everyone has an optimized system but is that really Funcoms fault? I am going to assume you are using a console, PS4 most likely.

Optimization is getting a better platform.


Aside from the occasional hotfix, I don’t think there has been a patch that they didn’t work on optimization. It is an unending process.

I think then it would be fair if they stop selling the game for ps4 or just give a warning that the game is not made for playstation 4.
I play it in performance mode on my ps4 and I think I accepted it how it looks like. I don’t think it will be better in future.

I have a new pc and I buyed Conan for pc too… That is a very big difference :rofl: even when I compare it to what I saw on ps5.

But the game has performance issues at the main menu on PlayStation. That’s not Hardware related when I have only 1 second slots where I can move the cursor… 1 second wait. Click the select box… Wait… Move down… Oh no moved two rows down… Wait a second to go back…

That sucks so much sometimes… And that’s something that should be fixable. There are some “background” processes that are blocking the cursor movement by pad. On pc everything is smooth.

It’s just a small think but I would like to see an improvement at this point.

Also I don’t think it’s a Plattform hardware issue that I have to wait 20 minutes for doors at my base. It’s not that my PlayStation is exploding when it need to render my three doors in my base after starting. Also when I came back and my whole base is rendering there is no problem and they are instantly there. Only at start it’s a problem.

Some improvements to the grafics where dissimprovments for the ps4.

But it’s much better now after the last 2 updates! So I am sure here we will get also some improvements for the old consoles


Looks OK to me…

PS4 Playing CE a day or two ago:

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I just say it because people say that the hardware is not enough and in some point they are right. Ps4 is old but the game runs on it…

I don’t watch the whole video of the gameplay and yes sometimes it’s fine but sometimes it’s horrible. Invisible npc enemies or the slow rendering textures.
And again… in my opinion most of them are not hardware issues of my ps4. Some of them are server side some of them are code side.

Also what I can say is that they has optimize the game for playstation the last patches after siptah release. And I am sure that will happen in future too.

Just a question to pc players? Are there problems on PC where you need to wait for your doors when logging in?
Also I only saw this on pvec and never on the pvp server i had played.

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I think @JJDancer already answered all of your points here.

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Maybe you should watch the hole video before you saying it works fine… For example at 1:45:xx

What do you think it looks like in the wine cellar?

My only problem is that when someone say that the hardware is not enough so why they sell it for this Plattform? Than they should stop to do this.
And on the other hand I have a 3090ti and I am playing on ps4 because of my friends. And I am OK with how it works I try to accept the low grafics :slight_smile: and the lag sometimes
I will buy a ps5 if its availible for a normal price.
my friends playing on ps5 and that’s a huge difference but there are still some problems but not so much as I has.

I think the problems are related to how many people are online and what they are doing.
At the moment there are again around 15-20 people online. Every time.
It would be 40 when funcom don’t banned three big clans. But that causes some performance issues at the server.

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I watched all of it. I stand by my words:

“Looks OK to me…”

If you have to seek to a segment a few seconds long in order to find fault ina video over an hour long you’re standards and expectations are way WAY too high for a nine year old console!

Again, JJ answered all of your points and concerns!

This is utterly ridiculous. They can sell it to people with no platform at all if they like. Should they also not sell it to people with an office grade PC? That point or idea makes zero sense! Especially when it’s not even true. You saw a player playing on a PS4 with what looked like High settings @ 720p and having a buttload of fun - would you deprive that man his fun because of your own hardware snobbery - or because some people can’t figure out that PS4 can’t run the game on Cinematic settings at 1440p or 4K scaled?


I’m interested in how many tweaks you had to make to get it to run without any stutter issues in certain areas or awkward enemy movements. I also have a decent PC 2080ti, i7 8700k and 32gb ddr4 and the game definitely has optimization issues without a doubt compared to other titles; most any google search will confirm that, so I guess you’re one of the blessed ones or have made a lot of changes outside the basic gaming PC optimizations.

Did you read that I am playing on ps4 even if I have the newest hardware on my pc?
I love this game and the last weeks I am nearly everyday online with my friends and I am OK with all the problems it has at the moment.

But if the game is not made for ps4 then it is a problem for Sony that they take money for it and sell it as a ps4 game in their store. That’s what I wanted to say. In playstation store it says the game is a ps4 game so it have to run on a ps4.

That what’s the difference between consoles and pc. On console everyone has the same hardware and that is fair. (let us forget the next gen movement currently)

And I only wanted to say that there are also many possible optimization that don’t attach to the hardware. Like the server menu for example.

It’s not ok how it is and I hope they improve it. But if you never played the game on PlayStation you don’t know what I mean…

And nobody answer the question if this invisible doors happen on PC servers too… When I start Conan at the evening I know I have to wait 10 minutes before I am able to leave my base.
Ps5 exactly the same… so the logic here is to get better hardware than ps5 as a console? No this has nothing to do with the hardware and need an optimization.


Dude, I wouldn’t put too much effort into a reply. This game has so many issues and people who say it doesn’t are either fanboys or just trolling. I would even venture to say that one of the reasons why the player base is suffering is because of these issues mixed with the lack of support. Adding in-game monetization transactions is very bold considering the lack of polish and tech support this game has. I love the game and I have always thought it had a lot of potential since it came out, but funcom has been one of the worst at actually fixing things.

I own the game on PC and PS5 and you should see how the game looks on PS, its like the graphics are set to very low on the console compared to my old PC which I have on high with no problems. So yeah, the game does need optimization, its not only a “old console” thing.


I think people are generally confusing “optimization” with networking and proximity.

Play Single Player and you will see the difference there. FC’s net-code and server spec isn’t the best - heck, seriously, they can’t even figure out how to ping their own servers accurately and correctly - this is actually true. I have filed several bug reports with video and screen shots showing how a refresh can list the same server as 35 ping and just a refresh 20s later shows it at over 500 (with great repeatability) - when that’s not even an actual possibility nor is there any way anyone sane should ever wait 10 seconds for ping returns across 3,000 potential servers in order to spec four digit ping values. :scream: :crazy_face:

And the server spec (bandwidth and configuration) is not great - many people who know something about GPortal have complaints. I myself have experienced the differences between private (home rolled) servers and GPortal hosted ones - and it’s rather glaring! I actually get a better experience from Japan to Kentucky on a home rolled server than I do from Japan to Japan on GPortal. :eyes:

The solution here is to list the servers by ping during the hours you play, pray it’s giving you accurate numbers, and repeat that a few times for each day of the week. Then list the ones which consistently gave you the lowest average Ping and make that your home. I realize I’m suggesting to undergo a 7-day process just to select a good server but until FC can figure out how to ping their servers accurately and consistently, it’s the best way - if indeed you’re having problems.

So, assuming you have everything in order on your end (latest drivers, correct drivers, good wire, proper temperatures, high-ish spec hardware, etc.) and you don’t live out in the boonies, in an apartment complex with shared cabling, aren’t playing above your hardware spec, and/or have friends or family members eating up bandwidth while you’re playing, etc., then mostly all there is left to it is server selection.


I’m playing on PS5, since I’ve been playing on the 5 series I’ve been more than satisfied with the graphics, the object building (which is almost non-existent since everything appears instantly.) and I can even see distant objects with no problems recognize immediately.
So I’m really looking forward to 3.0

The only thing I would like to have would be a PS5 version of the game.
But even if it’s only the PS4 version, I’m completely satisfied with the current developments.


It’s objective.
I know that you and my friend JJ finded a way to spend quality time on your favorite console, so do I :wink:. I know that this game is “held” by the consoles especially the old ones, but the game is old too :rofl:. When it started in my console it was something like 66 giga, huge for this time, but still was working flawless. Then the game moved on and from time to time we suffered huge problems. 2.4 was the cherry on top of the cake, after this the ps4 console started the “bungee jumping”. However this was the prize to pay IF we wanted to stay tuned with this game and some of us wanted it badly no matter the cost. @ConanBoDk is one of us that wanted it badly, he still does, as I do. No matter the cost we keep on playing it, support it, love it… no matter what. We have prizeles moments, friends, by playing this game… prizeles.
We know…
Nobody needs to tell us that the game is alive but not for old consoles…
We know…
I am always watching the market for a ps5 and it seems that it is getting stabilized finally.
I find the console in reasonable prizes and ofcurce AVAILABLE NOW!
Still, life comes always first, always, especially your children needs. Between the could have and must have, must have win always and in the must is not a new console, neither for them or me. I know and I will find a way, before this summer ends, to place this budget of the new console on my monthly expenses. I won’t accept 3.0 without a new console, I am a veteran, I will find a way :wink:.
The game is far from unplayable in pve, no matter the problems I will find the way, still I cannot say the same for pvp or new players. I know each move, each stone, each boss, still I die nonetheless :rofl::rofl::rofl:, invisible mobs or npcs cannot be bitten easy. Red mama Insta rotates and through fire breathing now, it’s funny.
Ps4, is a history and I hope really soon to be a memory too.
Looking forward for cross play :wink:, we have a lot to do together :grin:.


That’s how it looks like in performance mode for the first second. Everytime you turning around and back again… :see_no_evil:
My eyes already accepted this :joy:

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I get that on my ps4 on the leopard and other animals and rugs goes away after a bit

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