Unstable ? - Exile Lands event ❓

When you harvest the corpses of the twins at the event by the Bridge of the Betrayer they drop something called “Unstable ???”. Is it Siptah only, or can we use it for something in the Exile Lands?
I do not have Siptah yet.

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There isn’t anything in exiled lands it’s good for unless you’re adding

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Far as I know it’s only used for leyshrines and convergence traps on Siptah. Leyshrines don’t exist in the Exiled Lands and I don’t think you can build convergence traps there either.

Still, I’d say treat them like one of those mystery items that might be useful “someday”. Stick them in a chest in the corner of your basement. :upside_down_face:

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Pretty soon I will have to buy the container from bazaar (300 slots?) for such mystery items :joy:.

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