Untamed PVP and PVE Dedicated Servers (70 slot servers)

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Hello Everyone!

This is our first post here as when Conan was officially launch our servers were capped out and remained so for a few weeks. However, we’ve had a few alpha tribes leave recently who were bored with the game and now we’re looking to extend out open invitations to some fresh faces. We currently have about 15-20 open slots at our peak times on our 70 slot high performance box server.

We support both a 3x PVP server as well as an active 5x PVE server for those that don’t enjoy the PVP aspect of the game.

Not sure why they don’t allow us to post community links here, but you can find us by searching for Untamed at the Top Conan servers rank site and look for:

Untamed [3x PVP][Wipe 5/8] plus our community address
Untamed [5x PvE][Wipe 5/9] plus our community address

Or look for IP

Going to our community website will get you also a direct invite link to our community Discord.


Our PVP Server just wiped today! Come check out a server and community that made it into the top 10 during launch week!