Untold Stories of The Secret World

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Looking for something to do during the lull between content releases? Untold Stories of The Secret World is a MOD that allows you to play missions created by other players. Click on the links above to watch the trailer or view mission clips.

But wait, there’s more! :sunglasses: The MOD also includes Untold Stories Lore that highlights fan fiction, art, music, and video creations from talented folks in the SWL community. When you are near a designated location or character, a red US icon will appear in the notification area. Click the icon to open the lore.

Feeling creative? Create your own missions for others to play in The Secret World. Solon has created an easy to use mission editor, or you can work directly with the XML. If your talents are in other areas, submit “lore” for players to enjoy while in the game. More details are below.

Please provide feedback in this thread. IF YOU NEED MISSION HINTS, PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS. I look forward to your thoughts.

NOTE: Version 4.0 and higher function only with Secret World Legends (SWL). You can continue using version 3.3 in The Secret World (TSW).



Install using the Twitch App or download and follow the instructions in readme_untold.txt.
Start a mission by selecting Untold Stories from the SWL menu.


New versions and content updates will be posted in this thread as they are released.


You can create missions using Solon’s mission editor (outside the game) or with XML files. Full documentation is included in \Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\Untold\Untold_Docs.pdf, located in the root of your Secret World Legends directory. If you create a mission, please send me a private message, and I will post your mission. If you need assistance, please feel free to send me a PM, and I will help in whatever way I can.


To submit user-created lore in the form of fan fiction, art, music, video, or anything else that runs in the in-game browser, please see this message.


Untold Stories of the Secret World is open source!



Untold Stories of the Secret World allows user-created lore to be placed in the game world. Lore can be fan fiction, art, music, video, or anything else that can be displayed in the in-game browser. When a player that has the MOD installed is near a designated location, a red “US” icon will appear in the notification area. Clicking the icon will open the lore.

Adding new lore does NOT require the player to download a new version of the MOD. Once I post the lore, it is available immediately to all players running the current version.

There are a lot of talented folks in our community, and plenty of content to draw from. This is a way to highlight that work to more people as they travel around The Secret World. If you would like to submit a lore entry, please reply in this thread (or send me a private message) with the following info:

  • Title: The title of the piece (displayed in the browser title bar)
  • Author: The author/artist of the piece ( also displayed in the browser title bar)
  • URL: A link to the lore. I can only link to content. I cannot provide hosting, but plenty of options are available. Linking to fan fiction in a forum post or Google Docs is fine.
  • Location: Describe the location and/or NPC where you would like the lore to be placed. Coordinates would be nice, but aren’t mandatory. TIP: Open Untold Stories from the main menu and scroll to the bottom to see your current coordinates.
  • Teaser: A teaser message can be displayed at the top of the screen the same time the US icon appears. This is optional. Some teaser examples are here and here.

Easy peasy. Just a few common sense rules/tips:

  • Install the MOD! :stuck_out_tongue: Once your entry is posted, you’ll want to see how it looks in the game. We also want you to discover lore others have submitted.
  • The in-game browser is nice, but it doesn’t support everything (e.g. Flash). Please make sure your entry can be viewed in-game before submitting.
  • The content needs to relate to locations or NPCs in the game. For example, a sketch of a player’s character doesn’t work, because we have no context for placing the lore in the game world. However, a story featuring that same character interacting with NPCs and locales in the world is perfect.
  • Multiple entries for one location/NPC is fine, but there is a limited number the MOD can support. If I get too many (say more than 4-5), I will have to take on the role of curator and choose from the entries.
  • Placing lore within dungeons/instances is fine, but please provide the playfield ID and coordinates. I may not be able to get to the location myself.
  • For images, I would prefer a direct link to the image or a simple web page hosting it, as opposed to a page with a bunch of links. We want to highlight the artwork, not the surrounding noise. Every author/artist is credited within the mod.
  • YouTube videos work fine, albeit at a low resolution. It looks best if the video supports embedding, but this is limited on some videos due to copyright claims.

Besides the above rules, I will accept just about anything. I look forward to your submissions. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Missions are created using XML files. Several XML files are included with the MOD as examples. Solon has made the process much easier for beginners with a mission editor. Here is the info he provided in the TSW forums.

I’ve made a GUI for editing missions.
It will (hopefully) make it easier to make missions and give everyone the chance to make missions, no more XML editing.

Current features include:

  • Import mission XML files into the editor.
  • Export your mission as XML.
  • All available tiers are supported.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • “Mission Title” is the name of the mission and it must be filled for your mission to be playable.
  • “Debug Mode” enables a debug window in TSW which helps you while making/testing your mission.
  • “Debug Tier” allows you to start the mission from a specific tier, which is useful while making/testing your mission, so you don’t have to restart all the time.
  • The “Import” button allows you to import a mission XML file and then edit it in the editor.
  • The “Export” button will generate the mission XML file for you, which you can then save. Note that you still have to edit MissionList.xml manually and add your mission there for your mission to show up in game.
  • You can add tiers with the “Add Tier” button obviously. What may not be so obvious is that you get additional options when you right click on tiers. You get options to move the tier left/right or delete it.

A version is hosted here:

It is a pure javascript web application, so can be downloaded and run locally too.
If you want to download it, use this link:

Extract the ZIP archive and open index.html in a browser.

If you notice any bugs or need something added, let me know.
I hope you like it and hoping to see some awesome missions now.




Untold Stories is finally here for Secret World Legends! :sweat_smile:

This update includes:

  • Various tweaks and fixes to get missions working in SWL.
  • Untold Stories windows are now scaled according to the Miscellaneous Scale option in Interface Options/HUD Display. Unfortunately, this does not include the web browser window. That’s much more complicated to scale.
  • Missions written by Super Jenius have been updated and released with version 4.0. Other missions will be released as they are updated and tested. Stay tuned.

KNOWN ISSUE: Untold Stories currently does not function if you have the Strange Browser mod installed. I will work on a fix for that.


This is not feedback as such, but i can’t tell you how excited i am to see this in SWL <333.


Yeah! Glad this mod made it over!


Yay! So happy this mod is finally ready for SWL. Thanks, SuperJenius! Working on the “Where Fools Fear to Tread” missions to get them ready for this game as we speak!



The following missions have been restored and are playable in SWL:

  • Undead Gratefulness - Tremerion
  • Extraordinary Merchandise - Tremerion
  • Echo Squad - bluemoon
  • The Shadow Out of Time - Tremerion
  • To The Church On Time - Lilith Darkweaver
  • Where Fools Fear To Tread (Part 1) - Dorothy “Dots” Gale

More missions are on the way!


Okay some actual feedback and a question =).

Is it possible to only turn off the sound of the lore pop-ups? If not that would be a nice option to have =).

Also currently going through the Basic training mission, and the Zombie kills don’t seem to fully register when using AoEs. Killing groups of 4 zombies gives me 2 kills =)

Quick work on those missions =o

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Sorry for the delay. I didn’t get notification of this message. Currently, you can turn the lore off completely, but not just the sound. I will consider that for a future release.

I have not had that problem with AoEs. Is there a specific AoE you were using? I could try some testing with it. The MOD does require damage to be registered from you to the zombie before it can track a kill. Maybe something odd will show up in the combat log.

No worries at all, strange it didn’t notify though =o. I think i was using Turmoil and i know Anomaly from chaos when this happened.

it’s finally ready!!! thank you s much I’ve been waiting for this <3

I am having an interesting time making cinematics xD … I am not sure if US is at fault on its own … or if Fashionista might be having a conflic with it xD. but my character is currently nakid

Nudity happens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You can reset your character’s looks, but sometimes there are timing issues coming out of cinematics.

Funny thing is i wasn’t editing any looks just moving a camera. Rezoning fixes the visual bug, but unsure why it happened to begin with =P.

Good idea. The should add this as an official function in the game while we wait new content. This mod it’s already created and only need the aprobation of the devs to implement this in-game. Would make more people join the game so it has a popular use. Also give the creator (I don’t know if you are the creator) at least 2000 funcom points or aurum for game.

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btw coudn’t make the “basic training” quest work. for some reason the step where i have to talk to the guy in the PC shop in seoul doesn’t trigger. even when standing next to him. i checked the coordinates and they seem to be correct, although i don’t know how to check the Y coordinates.
EDIT: also, i didn’t see the new map(s) from new dawn to the location tiers in the mission editor online.

Question. Is it possible to affect other players in the cutscenes? Ex. make them invisible?

Hmmm… that is a location tier. It worked for me, but maybe I have the distance to the location too small. Moving your camera around may help. If you open the Untold Stories mission selection screen and scroll to the bottom, you can see your current coordinates.

The mission editor was created by Solon (not me). It has not been updated, although maybe I could fork it on GitHub. The current playfield number is displayed in the same place as the coordinates, so at least you could edit it in the XML file.

Not directly. The built-in game cinematic engine does that, but that’s not actually available in the API. The mod just moves the camera around. You could use a looks tier to make everyone nearby invisible. Something like…

<cinematic type="looks" description="Make everyone invisible" looksTarget="*" targetQty="99" invisible="true">
    <looks rdbid="7752815" description="Invisible" />

I’m not certain that would work, but you could give it a try. Also, that might make you and any NPCs invisible as well, so you may have to reapply/reset looks afterwards. If someone comes into the area after you’ve set the looks, they would not be invisible. Definitely not a perfect solution.

See the Character Selection and Looks Tier sections of the docs for more info.