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Untold Stories

PVP | RP | ERP | Brothel | Colosseum | Merchant Town | Pippi Currency

The Untold Stories, the server where you can come and build your home among the exiles of the worldm explore the strange lands and learn the culture of the insane.

Untold Stories was started to have a friendly place to come and play with out the insane rush to get to the end game or to worry about your items being continuedly raided.

You can come and play freely by yourself or unite with others in a clan to explore the wild places.

We have a few public warp locations like the Brothel, where you can come and enjoy both the shops or the social interactions.

The Merchant Town with a lot of merchants, where you can browse what others have to offer
or set up your own shop to sell your unwanted treasures.

The Arena for future bloody events. and soon to be open Bathhouse,
where you can enjoy exotic roleplay or come to see others which ever your kink maybe.

Our rules are simple and made to keep the lands clean of unused building, but mostly a friendly lot.

Ranging from beginners to veteran players.

So come join us with your own story.


Pippi - User & Server Management
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
WARRIOR Mutator For Conan Exiles
Skimpy Armors (2018)
Prude Nude Compatibility Version
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
Conan Sexiles
Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000
Immersive Sexiles Extensions

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