Unusual lag returning player here HELP!

so guys i used to play connan exiles like 1 and half year ago even tho little rubberband here and there it was fine experience and now i started playing again in same pc btw i have stable 60 fps at max graphics but theres weird lag issue that makes game unplayable for me (i did ask to other people if they are having the same issue in case its one of those server hiccup times and they said they are fine ) anyway when i use toggledebughud to see my ping its around 100-120 and its fine i can live with that but 5 seconds lag like delay on everything lets say im in combat with some thrall i hit him once and then after 3-5 seconds damage registers and then ill dodge backwards he will stand there and suddenly after 3-5 secs he is in me damaging me … same with doors 5 sec delay when i tried to open them and while all these happening my ping is 100-120 never really goes up from 120 if anyone can help me about this i also added connan exiles to exceptions on firewall etc tried closing my anti virus also added it into exceptions in there too please help me i really want to play this game … ____if the topic isnt in right forum if any admin can move it thanks i didnt see technical problems forum so im writing it here___PC official server

its nit ur pc its the host of the server

but my friend who plays on same server has no issues its pvp 1200 official btw

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