"unwelcome gift" yay!

With the “unwelcome gift”, I feel like Captain America now! I love it! ( Though I wish it would boomerang back… )

Thankyou!! fling fling fling!

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WTF are you talking about… lol lol lol

I didn’t want to spoil-spoil it… just eluuuuuded.

Don’t worry, everyone usually goes at least a little insane on patch day. (Goes back to frantically modding while muttering to himself on 18,000 grams of caffeine)


The shield that that you can throw…lol.

new dungeon stuff? *no spoilers of course lol


Equip a hammer on the other hand and you’ll feel like both Thor and Captain America !:rofl:

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Gasp!! I didn’t even think of that!!!

… I also found an underwater mask today. So now I also feel like aquaman!

There is a particular axe that gives one 50 extra Health Points called the Battle-Axe of The Berserkers. It has an oddly “vengeful” part in its description. You might want to finish off the shield ensemble with this piece! Happy flinging!

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Thanks! I’ll start hunting that axe tonight!


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